Pride (aka Tooting One’s Own Horn)

A collective conversation happening with some of my health and fitness peeps has sparked my thoughts in the arena of pride. It's interesting as we become healthy, lose weight, gain strength and do all the things that were once thought impossible, people around us start out supportive, and then either join in the movement with … Continue reading Pride (aka Tooting One’s Own Horn)

The One I Don’t Want to Write

I lost 50lbs. We moved almost a year ago. I gained 8 lbs.┬áThe hubbs deployed. ┬áThen 12 lbs more creeped on. Old habits resurfaced. I thought I had this. I thought it was "under control". My eating has not been on point - completely hit and miss. My exercise - meh. I've done some little … Continue reading The One I Don’t Want to Write

Public Speaking, My Story and Comfort Zones

I gave the greeting at church this morning. At our church, that doesn't mean just standing at a door and shaking hands as people come in. It means getting up on the platform and telling the congregation, in both services, (probably about 600 people) what God is doing in your life/has done recently or what … Continue reading Public Speaking, My Story and Comfort Zones