Every Curl Counts

She comes in the room,Hair a blaze.A rats nest,A crazy maze. They bounce,And they flutter.Filled with light,Making the whole world shudder. People straighten,And brush.Hiding before society's eyes,Refusing the discovery how to rise. Coils and curls galore,Frizzy and tangled,A head of hair so strangled,Dull and decrepit,A burden. Mask the natural,Redo and Revise.Don't let them see,What a … Continue reading Every Curl Counts


Code Red

The school had had an active shooter practice drill a couple of weeks ago. My daughter was in class, but students were working in groups and didn't hear the announcement that it was just a drill. She thought it was real and texted me. She was upset the rest of the day. We talked about … Continue reading Code Red

Face Punch

On the Peloton platform, they’ve gamified fitness utilizing badges and milestones to mark significant workouts. Garmin does this too, as does Apple and other fitness trackers. I have no judgment about this - I find them motivating. I would still move my body without them, of course, but it is fun! We have a Sober … Continue reading Face Punch

Lightbulb Moments from Sharing Sobriety

I recently shared my getting sober story within a fitness group online. It was a conversation that was real and honest and vibrantly highlighted the lessons learned in early sobriety, from the vantage point of where I am now. It was a great experience to be able to articulate why I find sobriety important and … Continue reading Lightbulb Moments from Sharing Sobriety


14 years ago today we welcomed our first child and it feels like 1000 years ago and yesterday all at once. Time is elusive and crafty, bending and warping depending on perspective and hindsight. In just 4 years, my tiny chubby-cheeked baby will be a legal adult. (Seriously?!) My brain sees the little baby, the … Continue reading Time