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Wonderful Wednesday: Random Gratitude

There are many things I'm grateful for this week. Here's my list: 1. Recovery. After running the Whidbey Island half marathon on Sunday, I was hobbling around like a 98 year old! Today, while still a bit sore, I'm feeling more like myself. 2. Workout Accountability Working out gets done when there is accountability. I am so… Continue reading Wonderful Wednesday: Random Gratitude

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It's funny what wakes her up. A hint of warm weather, seeing other runners, looking at events online to plan out the race calendar all start to stoke those sleepy embers. Today it happened to be a bottle cage for her bike. My inner athlete has been simmering and quiet for a while. Having to… Continue reading Athlete

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Wonderful Wednesday: No Agenda Days

I love perfect days. Days like today. We had no plans. No where we had to be. No agenda, no expectations, just woke up to see what the day would bring us. After a yummy breakfast and some creamy Kona in my cup, I put on my workout clothes and thought about the lonely treadmill. I wasn't… Continue reading Wonderful Wednesday: No Agenda Days