Wonderful Wednesday: No Agenda Days

I love perfect days.

Days like today. We had no plans. No where we had to be. No agenda, no expectations, just woke up to see what the day would bring us.

After a yummy breakfast and some creamy Kona in my cup, I put on my workout clothes and thought about the lonely treadmill. I wasn’t feeling it and decided to leave her lonely. The sun was shining and thought instead about hitting the beach. My body was craving some endorphins, so I decided to tackle the dang air compressor, (my nemesis), pump up the tires on the bike, the trailer, and hit the beach! Nothing like rolling on two wheels instead of four. I will admit, the looks I got while climbing the hills with the 75+ lbs of kid/trailer behind me was awesome for my ego! I am Curlymama! Hear me roar! Ha!


We hit the lovely beach park to play play play the day away!


Pea gravel + sand toys + beach + driftwood = heaven for kidlets!


Sadly, we did incur one casualty: a plastic toy boat that came with our $5 Walmart set of sand toys. Jake let it set sail, the current carried it off on it’s maiden voyage, much to his dismay. I did attempt to grab it back, barefoot in that icy Puget Sound water, but it floated out past where I was willing to get wet…and there was slimy seaweed and sharp shells. So much for my roaring!

I was a bit shocked when Jake sat next to me and started to softly cry when he could no longer see the boat and the realization hit that he wasn’t going to be able to get it back. Poor kid. Sometimes the thing I don’t even see coming is the thing that means the most to him. We sat for a bit and said goodbye to the boat and decided that the seagulls would probably take good care of it.

Then we heard the familiar “ting-a-ling-a-ling” sound of the Good Humor man! (In our case it was Sno-Cone Joe!)


No spring day would be complete without a little ice cream!


Not quite sure how she managed to get the dot of ice cream on her nose!

534145_4713852848707_1886933898_n 564563_4713854008736_2028719804_n

YAY ice cream!


It was just one of those perfect weather and easy breezy kind of days. With a workout!


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