I wonder about you
your family
what you’ve been up to.

The fire of how I felt
has fizzled into
a distant sadness
a gladness,
acceptance of what is.

I wonder if you are upset
if you miss it
if you ever let me in at all
Or were you so guarded that I was always shut out
taking me so very long
to recognize it for what it was?

Was I a burden?
Someone you carried, felt sorry for,
but didn’t see as an equal.
It was never equal.

Choked and stifled
never allowed to grow
but branching out anyway
even when it was agonizingly slow

I wonder if you’d recognize me
Would you see?
Though outward has changed only slightly
my self, my very soul, has been set free

Wondering about you
I can’t come here often
I assume that, you too, grew
We’ll leave it there at “sometimes”
and lay it to rest

I’ll bid you farewell, again
and wish you the best.


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