Help Me Refocus

Help me Lord to set my eyes on you

and see my children the way you do

I know there are tasks to complete

and this deployment won’t be an easy feat

Amidst the busy of the day-to-day

Refocus my vision and make time to pray

All I want to do is sit down and cry

Help me find the smile inside

I want them to see that we can be strong

despite this time that gets so long

I pray that they will know

how much I love to be here to watch them grow

We have so very much to be thankful for

How can I ever ask for more?

I cherish these babies and my time with them

Help me see look past the spills, the messes, the unimportant and focus

on the love, the dreams and the peace they need from me.

Help me be understanding when they don’t

Help me have patience when they can’t wait

Help me speak kindly when they are not

Help me be loving when they push me away

Help me teach them about the things that are important

Help me

Help me teach them, not with words, but by my actions



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