Raise My Cup

From the earliest time
You said it would be fine
We’ll get there, you said
As you tucked me into bed

How many times you’ve thought
“We’ll slow down. We will. But…”
How many times has it been put off?

When life slows down
We’ll spend more time
But I think you found
You liked things just fine

Now it’s lip service, a show and tell
On paper you are who you say you are
But in reality – you can’t be
You hide
Saying words you think we want to hear
Its falling on deaf ears

Do you even believe what you say?
Repeated again and again
I think you may

I waited for so long
To arrive at some distant “there”
Only to be tricked again
Moving the destination isn’t playing fair.

Why do you keep making promises
you don’t intend to keep?
When will I cease to be surprised
By these “unintentional” lies?

This isn’t what I want
Trying to fit me in
I vow not to do things the same
Never letting them feel
the shame
of being a non-priority.

A little girl sitting at the pane
anticipating your arrival
No more
It’s time to stop the wait
and get my head on straight

“When the to dos stop piling up…”
I nod, another year rolling through
knowing it will never stop
and simply raise my cup.


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