Don’t wear it like a cloak, wrapped around you…
comforting you.
You roll around in it as if it’s a friend
It’s not comfort
It’s bringing everyone around
all the way down.

Is it too hard to find something,
a little scrap
of something to be happy at?

Why do you resist what is?
Why do you fight the right now?
Wait and strive for an elusive someday
When he gets home, when the kids are grown
Now it’s here
Is it fear?

Someday has come,
Yet you seem undone.
Never happy, never content
The day is cloudy, of course you lament
The sun arrives and still it’s not enough

When is it ever enough?

Aren’t you tired?
Isn’t it a burden
to carry all those hurts?

I don’t understand it
Rough day? Sure.
But to wear it around all the time
posting up a fake ‘fine’
pleading for anybody
to enable that rabbit hole habit.

I am done, this is just not me.
I can’t go with you down that path
I see sunshine and possibilities.

Trying to hold your hand
showing a way I went
but you weren’t ready just yet.

I hope you find what you need
but it’s without me
’cause I can’t do this negativity.


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