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If writing for a fitness blog has taught me anything, it's that I have to practice what I "preach". After writing a post about making exercise work with kids, I really had no excuse. So I found this: It's a playground next to the track! There is absolutely NO reason I couldn't get out there! As… Continue reading Joy

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Wonderful Wednesday: No Agenda Days

I love perfect days. Days like today. We had no plans. No where we had to be. No agenda, no expectations, just woke up to see what the day would bring us. After a yummy breakfast and some creamy Kona in my cup, I put on my workout clothes and thought about the lonely treadmill. I wasn't… Continue reading Wonderful Wednesday: No Agenda Days

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A Little Fall…A Little Gratitude….

After a couple of days of grey, wet, and typical Pacific Northwest weather, I am trying to not be such a Wendy Whiner and instead embrace the things I am grateful for. Not having had actual seasons for a few years, it's actually kind of fun to teach my kids and have them notice all… Continue reading A Little Fall…A Little Gratitude….

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Another blog I like to read is Finding Joy. She has a beautiful way of getting to the heart of what is important. I love her writing style and am borrowing her format of Friday Faves to highlight the things this week that I am grateful for. Being outnumbered, two to one Come play with us,… Continue reading Grateful

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A Little of This, A Little of That…..

I'm just loving having a garden this year. While we didn't plant that much, it's amazing to me just how much we've been able to harvest! We've been eating snap peas like crazy people! And look what was hiding... A few cukes!! The pumpkins are growing OUT of the garden!!   The kids wanted to… Continue reading A Little of This, A Little of That…..


Swing Set!

We finally got the swing set up! And by "we" I mean this guy:YAY GRAMPA!!!This part was step one, two and three. I did Step one and two. I think they had to be re-done. I am NOT a carpenter by any stretch of the imagination. (As evidenced by my injury in the process):Sharing some… Continue reading Swing Set!

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My Day in The Sun

After a great workout this morning with my sister, I decided that I would do NOTHING all day. Except bask in that glorious light they refer to as "sun". How sad is it that in three short months I lose my mind when that big ol' ball of fire in the sky decides to shine… Continue reading My Day in The Sun

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The sun is back… and so is my sanity!

The sun decided to emerge today so without hesitation we loaded up and decided to hit the trail!! (Yes, it did take the usual half hour to get us dressed, peeing, and loaded up!) Yep, that's our version of sun-peeking thru the grey clouds! Basically - if its not raining, its considered "nice out". At… Continue reading The sun is back… and so is my sanity!


Children’s Discovery Center

We decided to head to the Children's Discovery Center the other day for something different to explore! Posing nicely for mommy's camera!!! Lucky for us! The Curious George exhibit was being featured! So fun! What's in that tree??? My curious monkey next to George!   Discovering all kinds of cool stuff!!   Jacob talking on… Continue reading Children’s Discovery Center