The sun is back… and so is my sanity!

The sun decided to emerge today so without hesitation we loaded up and decided to hit the trail!! (Yes, it did take the usual half hour to get us dressed, peeing, and loaded up!)
Yep, that’s our version of sun-peeking thru the grey clouds!
Basically – if its not raining, its considered “nice out”. At this point – I’m just happy to get out of the house!
 They could have stayed in the puddles in the parking lot all day!!
Finally we head down the trail!
 So much to look at and explore!!
 Not quite the Aiea Loop trail, is it Nina!?
 Fun bridges, “waterfalls”, and ditches!
 Hannah could not help herself – every.single.puddle!!
 And our friend Mr. Slug!
This picture cracks me up! Hannah is walking in the ditch in water that is almost to the top of her boots without a care in the world, meanwhile, Jake is staying on the trail eating his grapes that he carefully deposited into his sweatshirt pocket!
And after about 2 miles – we all got some fresh air, vitamin D and some much needed out of the house time!!
And they are both snoring peacefully as I type this!

What do you think?

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