Embarrassing Kid Moment #435 (and #436, and #437…)

While I know I'm just in the beginning phases of what are sure to be hundreds of embarrassing moments with the kids, today was one for the books! Not just one cheek-blushing/ground-swallowing/want-to-die-now moment, but two. Like most parents of preschoolers in the throes of potty training, much of the talk around our house currently revolves… Continue reading Embarrassing Kid Moment #435 (and #436, and #437…)

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My Day in The Sun

After a great workout this morning with my sister, I decided that I would do NOTHING all day. Except bask in that glorious light they refer to as "sun". How sad is it that in three short months I lose my mind when that big ol' ball of fire in the sky decides to shine… Continue reading My Day in The Sun