Tomorrow You Are Three!

Hannah is three?! Wowee!

How in the world can that be!?


Weren’t you just added to our family?

My the time it really does go so quickly!

Growing up so fast into such a ‘lil lady

No longer my squishy little baby.


You crawled, walked, played and more,

Living in our paradise out by the shore

Wowee!!! Jacob is 3!!!


Washington soon was calling us back

I think the change gave you a heart attack!


Quite the difference –  rain from the sun

But you never let it stop you from having all kinds of fun!


We planted a garden and watched it grow

Strawberries and corn to harvest and show



Spending the summer here without your father

We kept ourselves busy, you, me and your brother


Speaking of siblings, I think it’s safe to say

You adore “your Jacob”, playing together all day

Board games, the swings, it makes no difference to you

Playing chase, hide-and-seek, it’s what you love to do!


Your sweet face is endearing, infectious your smile,

Charming us all with your own sense of “style”!


Your giggles and laughs, they are so sweet

Engaging everyone you meet!




You’re “I think I can” will take you far

So proud of what you can do – you know you’re a star!



Loving and kind, and oh so playful

We are so thankful for you, our beautiful angel.



Be who you are and you’ll never miss

Blow out your candles and make your wish




We love you sweet Hannah, tomorrow you are three,

We love you so much,


Your Jacob, your Daddy, and Me


Being a Mom

Looking, watching, observing moms about

Many types that really leave no doubt

The one who never learned to swim, never jumped in the pool,

Couldn’t play with her kids in the water, never lost her cool

But in the end missed out on all the fun

the way that water feels under warm summer sun

So afraid, afraid of anything new

Living on the sidelines of life, experiencing too few

The one who is a vision, hair and makeup all done perfectly

but one breath from those pretty lips come words that spew ugly

I would love to see beneath your cool, wonder what you’re thinking

Because I’m in comfy clothes with no make up on

I’ve peeled back my mask, the doubt is almost gone

I’m the mom that’s not at all put together

but rather

playing with her kids,

comfortable in my skin

having a ball, participating,

no longer afraid of life

or of living.


This Actually Happened. Today.

My Day

After this day, I think I’m just done

The novelty worn off: me-0, deployment – 1.

The kids were crazy, stuck inside this rainy wet day

While making lunch, nearly chopped half my finger away!

“Stop teasing your sister!” “Leave your brother alone!”

Even I can’t stand the sound of my going on like a drone.

I didn’t get enough sleep, woke up so dang cranky

Stayed up watching SNL, and it wasn’t even funny.

There isn’t enough coffee on days like these

And it doesn’t help when you don’t hear thank you or please.

I know it’s only spilt milk – no big deal really

But wiping it up for the 4th time (no lie) I felt silly.

Perhaps back to sippy cups – the thought made me chuckle

and that’s right about when I twisted my ankle!

Dang Thomas trains under my feet once again

I thought they were picked up – I must be insane!

Pulling up these bootstraps, I think I’m getting stronger

Only to see the to-do list has a mind of it’s own and grows longer!

All the craziness done, kids bathed and in bed

I feel the pounding subside inside of my head

Who cares about the dishes, the laundry can wait

Right now all I want, I’m sure you can relate

Is some time with him home – perhaps a date.

On second thought – I’ll hand him the kids as I say “farewell”

And drive away fast turning off the dang cell!

Where should I go, on this mommy holiday?

Anywhere sunny is all I can say!

Because after today no place would be finer

A massage, a spa day, better yet – a cruise liner!

If another one comes like the day we had today

I will walk straight to the shore and jump into the bay!








I Love You Jacob, by Mommy

I love You Jacob, by Mommy

I love you Jacob because you are my sweet, sweet little man. I love the way when we are walking you still like to hold my hand.

I love you Jacob because you talk and talk and talk (and talk some more!), telling me about all of the things that you adore.

I love you Jacob because you have learned so rapidly, “please” and “thank you” and “excuse me” you now use so happily.

I love you Jacob because you are loving preschool this year, ABC’s and 123’s, you’ll be reading before long my dear.

I love you Jacob because you are a great big brother. When you show her how much you love her, it sort of makes me blubber!

I love you Jacob because you love to read (especially books that rhyme!), Dr. Seuss, and you and me – I’d say that’s sublime!

I love you Jacob because you are no longer three – three has been a bit hard on me, you see. It started out so quietly. But after this year, I might need some psychiatry!  (All joking aside, I have to say, I wouldn’t want you any other way.)

I love you Jacob because you are who you are without apology, I admire that about you – that special quality. The focus and spirit that you possess, will no doubt bring you much success.

I love you Jacob because you are turning four. We are opening a brand-new door and I just can’t wait to see what’s in store!

Happy Birthday my dear sweet Jacob!


Another blog I like to read is Finding Joy. She has a beautiful way of getting to the heart of what is important. I love her writing style and am borrowing her format of Friday Faves to highlight the things this week that I am grateful for.

Being outnumbered, two to one

Come play with us, let’s have some fun!

Please swing me the highest!

Thank you Grampa for building it – you are the best!
So thankful for this play set!
Play with me Hannah! Play with me Jake!
Let’s Go!
Taking turns, working it through
Getting along so well, if only for a few….
Grateful for the opportunity to stay home with my kids. I love watching them as they problem solve together.

Little man, growing up so fast

I love you so
I hope you know
how much you are loved
by Daddy and Me
and Hanny
I am grateful for the preschool he will be starting this week. I am filled with joy as he asks everyday if today is “the day” he gets to go to school.
Playful baby girl
Investigating your whole world
Waving to everyone you meet
Can hardly keep you in that grocery seat!
Grateful for her quick smile and ability to make those around her smile too!
Working so hard to keep up
You learn so fast, never slow down
It’s hard to keep your feet on the ground!
I am grateful for her little spirit that can’t wait to catch up to her older brother! She sees him doing it and  just knows she can do it too!


Your ability to make me smile
repeating to me what I’ve told you
having a sad day or two
we lean on each other and we can get through….
I am grateful for my son’s sensitive heart. He observes when I’ve had a bad day and asks me if I’m okay. I assure him I am good – and just like him, I have my moments. 🙂
Funny little songs we sing
and crazy games we play
I love to make up words to say
and hear you sing them the same way!
After bath time, I am grateful that the kids are old enough to participate (and actually help) with “clean up time”. I usually sing a silly song as we do it and it makes me smile when i hear Jake sing it back and attempt to teach the words to Hannah!
I love you little ones
Thank you for this playful summer
Of learning, growing and loving each other
A couple more seasons to get through and then
Our little family will be whole again….


As hard as a deployment can be, I am so grateful for our little family. We have much to be thankful for and I am truly blessed.
What are you grateful for this week?

I should also add that I am grateful for no visiting “friends” of the eight-legged variety since I sprayed the house!!!

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