Tomorrow You Are Three!

Hannah is three?! Wowee! How in the world can that be!? Weren't you just added to our family? My the time it really does go so quickly! Growing up so fast into such a 'lil lady No longer my squishy little baby. You crawled, walked, played and more, Living in our paradise out by the … Continue reading Tomorrow You Are Three!

This Actually Happened. Today.

My Day After this day, I think I'm just done The novelty worn off: me-0, deployment - 1. The kids were crazy, stuck inside this rainy wet day While making lunch, nearly chopped half my finger away! "Stop teasing your sister!" "Leave your brother alone!" Even I can't stand the sound of my going on … Continue reading This Actually Happened. Today.


Another blog I like to read isĀ Finding Joy. She has a beautiful way of getting to the heart of what is important. I love her writing style and am borrowing her format of Friday Faves to highlight the things this week that I am grateful for. Being outnumbered, two to one Come play with us, … Continue reading Grateful