Being a Mom

Looking, watching, observing moms about

Many types that really leave no doubt

The one who never learned to swim, never jumped in the pool,

Couldn’t play with her kids in the water, never lost her cool

But in the end missed out on all the fun

the way that water feels under warm summer sun

So afraid, afraid of anything new

Living on the sidelines of life, experiencing too few

The one who is a vision, hair and makeup all done perfectly

but one breath from those pretty lips come words that spew ugly

I would love to see beneath your cool, wonder what you’re thinking

Because I’m in comfy clothes with no make up on

I’ve peeled back my mask, the doubt is almost gone

I’m the mom that’s not at all put together

but rather

playing with her kids,

comfortable in my skin

having a ball, participating,

no longer afraid of life

or of living.



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