Picking Up Chicks

The military has afforded us the opportunity to make some incredible friends. INCREDIBLE. Friends who I cried for as we or they moved on to the next adventure. Friends who I still chat with via social media and text, and yes, even by phone. There have also been what I call "friend fails". Those would... Continue Reading →


The daily post prompts of the last three days; Adrift, Unmoored, and Descend all succinctly describe my inner thoughts as of late. Perhaps depressed, anxious and floundering would be more accurate. Continually vacillating between feeling justified and completely ridiculous by any real world standard; in my head it's a panicked loop of: upcoming deployment, two great -... Continue Reading →

Being a Mom

Looking, watching, observing moms about Many types that really leave no doubt The one who never learned to swim, never jumped in the pool, Couldn't play with her kids in the water, never lost her cool But in the end missed out on all the fun the way that water feels under warm summer sun... Continue Reading →

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