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Is there a “wrong” way to do it?

There's always been something off for me about the label of alcoholic that I've never really known how to articulate. Please don't misunderstand, I don't think AA is wrong, bad or whatever, but maybe there are more paths to recovery and the way we currently approach addiction and alcohol is not a route that works… Continue reading Is there a “wrong” way to do it?

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Radical Honesty

Authenticity, radical honesty, and simply put in the author's own word: brutiful - Glennon Doyle Melton's Love Warrior is sitting with a bookmark half way through it's pages, begging me to finish it. Seriously. It is SO raw and honest. I've laughed. I've cried. Reading this feels like when you stare directly into the sun. It's… Continue reading Radical Honesty

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Mishmash and Miscellany

We have rounded out the second week of school in our neck of the woods and it has been busy, as usual. Here's the mishmash rundown... My dear hubby thought what better way to start off the back to school season than with a school of fish?! Eric texts me from the pet store, where he was… Continue reading Mishmash and Miscellany

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I Knew You Could – by Craig Dorfman

I was doing some birthday shopping for Jacob yesterday and came across a couple of books, one of which is the title of this post. I thought it was going to be a take on The Little Engine that Could, and it is in part - but so much more. I think this book just… Continue reading I Knew You Could – by Craig Dorfman

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More Deployment Positives

As I am getting along and finding my groove with the kiddos, I keep thinking of the positives of deployment and more and more are cropping up. I love how no matter what a person looks for - they will find it. If I am looking for the positives or the negatives of a situation… Continue reading More Deployment Positives