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Moved to Tears

Graceful tears falling gently or loud ugly cryer?


The REAL Mother’s Day

Upon returning from my workout this morning, I opened the door to find my husband and the minions diligently laboring over the mixer. I smiled as the kids exclaimed they are making chocolate chip cookies and later they are all going on "an adventure"! Looking to my husband for the plan of the day (he's… Continue reading The REAL Mother’s Day


Movie Review: Rock of Ages

I'm going to pretend you care what movies I watch, and what I think about them. While being deployed, the hubbs had the opportunity to watch a few movies, so last night we hit up our Red Box for Rock of Ages, which he insisted I would love. If you haven't seen it yet, I… Continue reading Movie Review: Rock of Ages

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More Deployment Positives

As I am getting along and finding my groove with the kiddos, I keep thinking of the positives of deployment and more and more are cropping up. I love how no matter what a person looks for - they will find it. If I am looking for the positives or the negatives of a situation… Continue reading More Deployment Positives