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Happy Mother’s Day

"All is well with my soul." "These are the best days of my life." "The days are long but the years are short." "The best days of your life are when you are raising your family." These are 4 random statements that have been rolling around in my mind this week. As I sit here… Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day


The REAL Mother’s Day

Upon returning from my workout this morning, I opened the door to find my husband and the minions diligently laboring over the mixer. I smiled as the kids exclaimed they are making chocolate chip cookies and later they are all going on "an adventure"! Looking to my husband for the plan of the day (he's… Continue reading The REAL Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day and Love Cups

At the risk of sounding sickeningly sweet - I must say it: My cup runneth over... This Mother's day weekend was filled with lots of love, lots of girl time, adult conversations, connecting with old friends, meeting new ones, hanging with family and it was in a word: awesome. To all the mothers: the nurturers,… Continue reading Mother’s Day and Love Cups