Happy Birthday Hannah

Oh happy Hannah!image
How lovely you are
With your silly smile and goofy grin
You make everyone join on in!

You are turning 4 today,
So excited are you
Surprises are what you’ve wished for
And that I think we can do!

“Let’s play family!” is your daily request
(You could play it all and every day!)
“Alright, I’ll do my best!”imgsvr.ashx
Is what I always say

I love the way you snuggle in
And love to be held
Not only in my arms
But in my heart as well

Your sparkly eyes they dance
As they look expectantly up at mine
With your excited wide grin, you pull me in
Every single time!

I love to watch you laugh and play
You’ll forever be my baby girl
No matter how old you are or where you go
You’ll always be my world

Christmas 2011

Looking back, I remember
when they brought you up to me
Rarely do we imagine as parents
how it’s really going to be

Life with you is so much better
than anything we could dream
You make us laugh, and charm us all
I’m sure everyone would agree

We wish you the happiest of days,
today especially
Let the fun of 4 begin
And never let it end!

We love you Hannah!

Happy, happy birthday sweetheart!


We love our dawgies!
We love our dawgies!
Outfit complete!
Outfit complete!
First Fish!
First Fish!
Hawaiian girl!
Hawaiian girl!
Ready to swim!! Well, almost...
Ready to swim!! Well, almost…
Cards, anyone?!
Cards, anyone?!
Crazy things!
Crazy things!

I Love You Jacob, by Mommy

I love You Jacob, by Mommy

I love you Jacob because you are my sweet, sweet little man. I love the way when we are walking you still like to hold my hand.

I love you Jacob because you talk and talk and talk (and talk some more!), telling me about all of the things that you adore.

I love you Jacob because you have learned so rapidly, “please” and “thank you” and “excuse me” you now use so happily.

I love you Jacob because you are loving preschool this year, ABC’s and 123’s, you’ll be reading before long my dear.

I love you Jacob because you are a great big brother. When you show her how much you love her, it sort of makes me blubber!

I love you Jacob because you love to read (especially books that rhyme!), Dr. Seuss, and you and me – I’d say that’s sublime!

I love you Jacob because you are no longer three – three has been a bit hard on me, you see. It started out so quietly. But after this year, I might need some psychiatry!  (All joking aside, I have to say, I wouldn’t want you any other way.)

I love you Jacob because you are who you are without apology, I admire that about you – that special quality. The focus and spirit that you possess, will no doubt bring you much success.

I love you Jacob because you are turning four. We are opening a brand-new door and I just can’t wait to see what’s in store!

Happy Birthday my dear sweet Jacob!
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