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Dear Running

You have taught me many things since we started this relationship. There are times I don't like you. I've even thought about quitting this whole deal. I've bought new outfits, gadgets, and even shoes to impress you, but you don't care about that stuff. You never criticize when I'm slow, or I'm just not feeling "us". I… Continue reading Dear Running

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The Path

Sometimes the path is rough. It's not laid out like you may have planned. Improvisation may be necessary. That broken log? That's just a way made by those who have gone before you. Be grateful. See those rocks? They may look like stumbling blocks, but they may also be in just the right place to… Continue reading The Path

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Happy Birthday Jacob!

Here we are again, another year has past and I'm sitting here thinking it went by so awfully fast. This turning six is a big deal "I should be treated as a grown-up!" is how you say you feel. And while you feel you're good as grown I'll have to stop you right there I… Continue reading Happy Birthday Jacob!

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Happy Birthday Hannah

Oh happy Hannah! How lovely you are With your silly smile and goofy grin You make everyone join on in! You are turning 4 today, So excited are you Surprises are what you've wished for And that I think we can do! "Let's play family!" is your daily request (You could play it all and… Continue reading Happy Birthday Hannah