Happy Birthday Jacob!

Here we are again, another year has past
and I’m sitting here thinking it went by so awfully fast.

This turning six is a big deal
“I should be treated as a grown-up!”
is how you say you feel.

And while you feel you’re good as grown
I’ll have to stop you right there
I am just not ready,
nope, no where near prepared.

It’s time to just slow down a bit
Take the moment and savor it.
Looking back over the year of you
A move, new house and starting school, too.

Lots of changes came your way
Reading, writing and ‘rithmetic
And lots and lots of play!

You love your new teacher
Her color system works the best
Getting purple or staying on green
is your daily quest

You love Monopoly
And have caught on so quick
We play and you beat us all
We need to learn your trick!

You love to chase the dog around
He likes to chase you, too
Playing fetch and giving loves
Is what you (both) like to do!

I can’t imagine a single day
Without a Jacob in it
I love you birthday boy
And your charming spirit!

IMG_7374 IMG_0349 IMG_6637 IMG_6567 IMG_6012 IMG_5900_2 imgsvr.ashx cropped-1175430_10200601260498396_1035805892_n.jpg IMG_3547 IMG_3522 IMG_1352 The sun is back... and so is my sanity! I Love You Jacob, by Mommy I Love You Jacob, by Mommy I Love You Jacob, by Mommy I Love You Jacob, by Mommy Photo Fun! Hannah Is 2!! Hannah Is 2!!image Billy Lee 240 524052_3374508445934_886662501_n 67239_4364940326112_169602909_n 858397_4485236613444_1639223181_o imgsvr.ashx imgsvr.ashx imgsvr.ashx imgsvr.ashx IMG_4301 IMG_6256 IMG_6766


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