The Path

Sometimes the path is rough. It's not laid out like you may have planned. Improvisation may be necessary. That broken log? That's just a way made by those who have gone before you. Be grateful. See those rocks? They may look like stumbling blocks, but they may also be in just the right place to … Continue reading The Path

It Wasn’t All That Long Ago

I have labeled my son a "picky eater". Much like his father, he prefers to eat only a few different foods, is reluctant to try new things, and detests condiments, sauces or dressings of any kind. While not all of this is necessarily bad, as a parent, I see other kids happily gobbling down anything … Continue reading It Wasn’t All That Long Ago

The One I Don’t Want to Write

I lost 50lbs. We moved almost a year ago. I gained 8 lbs.┬áThe hubbs deployed. ┬áThen 12 lbs more creeped on. Old habits resurfaced. I thought I had this. I thought it was "under control". My eating has not been on point - completely hit and miss. My exercise - meh. I've done some little … Continue reading The One I Don’t Want to Write