Learning, Learning, and More Learning

Since the phone call, I have met with a registered dietician in my area twice and have gained a wealth of knowledge. So much of which is counter to what we are taught as trainers. (Not to mention the crap nutrition info that gets passed around on the internet!) During the first session, I was poised to take … Continue reading Learning, Learning, and More Learning


July makes me reflective. July 2011, I joined a "little workout class", that forever changed the trajectory of my (and my family's) life. The left side of this image is what I looked like at that time: (Note the TWO pieces of cake! Gross!) I was in a size 16 (barely), should have been a … Continue reading Arriving

A year…

We've been back for a year now. We've moved twice. We've been through all four two seasons (rainy and not rainy). In looking back I'm realizing that my "worst" fear about leaving Hawaii was that I would struggle to maintain my weight loss. Ok. I've struggled. The "worst" (totally a FWP) has happened. Now what? Now … Continue reading A year…

The One I Don’t Want to Write

I lost 50lbs. We moved almost a year ago. I gained 8 lbs. The hubbs deployed.  Then 12 lbs more creeped on. Old habits resurfaced. I thought I had this. I thought it was "under control". My eating has not been on point - completely hit and miss. My exercise - meh. I've done some little … Continue reading The One I Don’t Want to Write


Over the past 6 months I have done things I never thought I would. Things I never thought I could. in addition to losing almost 45 pounds, 20+ inches, and seemingly shedding sizes weekly, I've gained an incredible amount of confidence. And it's not just confidence in appearance, although there is that too. It's more … Continue reading Fear


Well...it's been a crazy couple of weeks! This week will conclude the fourth month of bootcamp - and what a difference 4 months makes... Here is my before/after shots:   It really is amazing to me how fast a body will adapt if you just work out and eat clean and healthy. Not always perfect, … Continue reading HodgePodge!