A year…

We’ve been back for a year now. We’ve moved twice. We’ve been through all four two seasons (rainy and not rainy). In looking back I’m realizing that my “worst” fear about leaving Hawaii was that I would struggle to maintain my weight loss.

Ok. I’ve struggled. The “worst” (totally a FWP) has happened. Now what? Now where do I go? Do I sit back and whine some more and sit on my butt not doing anything about it or do I get it done? Again.

I choose to get it done. But this time, with some changes:

1. Food logging. Something I didn’t do before because I had other accountability in place.

2. Bordom nibbles, eating out, and night time snacks. My weakness… and it ends now. If I don’t buy it, it’s not a temptation in my house.

3. Being active every. single. day. No week-long ‘rest days’. Seriously?!

4. No excuses. I’ve done it before. Yes, it’s harder during a deployment, but harder isn’t impossible. If anything, how AMAZING is it going to be to say I lost weight DURING the damn deployment?! I’ve worked out consistently since our recent move. There is no excuse. Work out with the kids or not – it can get done if I want it bad enough.

I want it bad.


4 thoughts on “A year…


    I have been using myfitnesspal religiously over the past 13 months. When I started I decided that accountability is and always will be my biggest downfall. I resigned myself to the fact that I will probably need to be accountable for what goes into my mouth for the rest of my life if I want to reach and maintain a healthy weight. Once I was okay with that fact, everything fell into place. Keep using that site or something similar, it works.

    I had also decided back then that there is absolutely NO EXCUSE good enough not to be healthy. None, zero, zip!

    You are one of my inspirations girl! You go! Keep it up! You got this! Love you!


    1. Thanks, Missy! You inspire me too! Your post about perspective was so AWESOME!! I, too, feel like food logs will be a part of my future for a long time. It’s just too easy to underestimate just how many calories are being consumed. And myfitnesspal makes it so dang easy! I’m in love with that app! LOL! Plus, I love food, so when it tells me how many “extra” calories I’ve earned when I input physical activity – it makes me feel good, like I’ve got a bit more of a buffer! 🙂 Yay for NO EXCUSES! Love ya!


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