Wonder-Full Wednesday: Learning

In this gratitude experiment, I find that I am consciously looking for things for which to be grateful, since I know this little Wednesday project of mine comes around every week. This one has been brewing for awhile….

Currently, while writing and still on a bit of a learning curve with my Mac, I decided to be brave and purchase Photoshop. After doing some research and chatting with the techie guy at my local store, who by the way, dang near speaks a foreign language, I bit the bullet. (He says crazy computer gibberish and I glaze over and nod along as if I have some semblance of a clue about what he’s saying!) The reviews all say it’s the best bang for the photo-editing buck and more, despite having a bit of a, yup – you guessed it – learning curve.

That is what I am grateful for today – the learning curve. Or, perhaps the guts to try to learn new things. Right now, I am learning all sorts of things; photo-editing, web-design (sort of), on-going Mac (I’m a PC convert!), group fitness certifications, CPR, parenting stuff, and, and, and….on and on it goes.

I hope the learning never ends. I hope my kids develop a love of lifetime learning, or at the very least to not shy away from doing something just because they don’t know how. How else do you get better at something?

You do it.

For that, I am grateful.


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