This Actually Happened. Today.

My Day

After this day, I think I’m just done

The novelty worn off: me-0, deployment – 1.

The kids were crazy, stuck inside this rainy wet day

While making lunch, nearly chopped half my finger away!

“Stop teasing your sister!” “Leave your brother alone!”

Even I can’t stand the sound of my going on like a drone.

I didn’t get enough sleep, woke up so dang cranky

Stayed up watching SNL, and it wasn’t even funny.

There isn’t enough coffee on days like these

And it doesn’t help when you don’t hear thank you or please.

I know it’s only spilt milk – no big deal really

But wiping it up for the 4th time (no lie) I felt silly.

Perhaps back to sippy cups – the thought made me chuckle

and that’s right about when I twisted my ankle!

Dang Thomas trains under my feet once again

I thought they were picked up – I must be insane!

Pulling up these bootstraps, I think I’m getting stronger

Only to see the to-do list has a mind of it’s own and grows longer!

All the craziness done, kids bathed and in bed

I feel the pounding subside inside of my head

Who cares about the dishes, the laundry can wait

Right now all I want, I’m sure you can relate

Is some time with him home – perhaps a date.

On second thought – I’ll hand him the kids as I say “farewell”

And drive away fast turning off the dang cell!

Where should I go, on this mommy holiday?

Anywhere sunny is all I can say!

Because after today no place would be finer

A massage, a spa day, better yet – a cruise liner!

If another one comes like the day we had today

I will walk straight to the shore and jump into the bay!









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