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Warrior Dash

WOW. I had been looking forward to this event ever since everyone was signing up for it back in Hawaii. I would have done it there, but you know, the navy moved us and didn't check with my racing schedule beforehand! Ha!I did this race with my sister (with whom I have been working out… Continue reading Warrior Dash


Swing Set!

We finally got the swing set up! And by "we" I mean this guy:YAY GRAMPA!!!This part was step one, two and three. I did Step one and two. I think they had to be re-done. I am NOT a carpenter by any stretch of the imagination. (As evidenced by my injury in the process):Sharing some… Continue reading Swing Set!


Children’s Discovery Center

We decided to head to the Children's Discovery Center the other day for something different to explore! Posing nicely for mommy's camera!!! Lucky for us! The Curious George exhibit was being featured! So fun! What's in that tree??? My curious monkey next to George!   Discovering all kinds of cool stuff!!   Jacob talking on… Continue reading Children’s Discovery Center

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Gingerbread Fun!

When I was a kid, my mom had this fantastic cookbook - and by fantastic I mean very well loved and food-stained. It had this elaborate gingerbread house recipe on the inside cover. Every Christmas I would ask to make it until finally one year we did. It was so much fun and many of… Continue reading Gingerbread Fun!