Warrior Dash

WOW. I had been looking forward to this event ever since everyone was signing up for it back in Hawaii. I would have done it there, but you know, the navy moved us and didn’t check with my racing schedule beforehand! Ha!

I did this race with my sister (with whom I have been working out with since moving back) and I have to say, it was AWESOME!! It was hot, muddy, filthy dirty fun and I can’t wait to do it again next year! Official race pictures aren’t up yet, but here are the few I took:

 This was on the bus ride from the parking area to the festival area….notice how squeaky clean we are!? Bwahhahahaha! That changed fast!
I found it funny that my “warrior cry” came out more like a Pirate’s “Arrrgh Matey!” I think I may be watching too much of Jake and the Neverland Pirates with my son!
And here are me, my sister, and my brother in law’s thumb! This was post shower! It was insane. The “shower”, if you could call it that, was a guy with a fire hose spraying us muddy warriors off in a cattle pen. It was ridiculous. And not effective as evidenced by the slop still hanging on my arm. I have to say, it was SO much fun, but my shower may never be the same!

Katie enjoying her turkey leg!! Luckily she shared with us! It was SO tasty!!! There is just something about gnawing on meat while wearing a viking helmet – it’s carnal and way fun!

And Sarah playing peek with the camera! 
The girls were both such troopers! It was a HOT day and lots of waiting and lines. SO much fun and I can’t wait until next year.
Oh, that reminds me. I won’t have to wait until next year. I signed up for a Tough Mudder in September. 
Oh. My. Check out their INSANE website! The video gives you an idea of what I’m in for….
I think this mud stuff just might be addicting. 

Swing Set!

We finally got the swing set up! And by “we” I mean this guy:


This part was step one, two and three. I did Step one and two. I think they had to be re-done. I am NOT a carpenter by any stretch of the imagination. (As evidenced by my injury in the process):

Sharing some ice

Grampa is a ninja!
And they all crashed!

All Done!!!
The kids played on it all afternoon today and crashed hard! This thing is worth it’s weight in GOLD!

Children’s Discovery Center

We decided to head to the Children’s Discovery Center the other day for something different to explore!

Posing nicely for mommy’s camera!!!

Lucky for us! The Curious George exhibit was being featured! So fun!

What’s in that tree???

My curious monkey next to George!


Discovering all kinds of cool stuff!!


Jacob talking on the pretend phone….


Putt-putt golf!


Not sure if you are supposed to stick your arm in there, but you know, whatever works! And Hannah is sitting right on top of the thing!


What does this do???

It really is so cool how they have this place put together… here is Jake experimenting with lights and shadows!



What’s in there???
Hannah next to the Rocket Ship!


Fun house mirrors!!!


And our beloved train table….always takes a while to get Jake away from this one!


Meanwhile, Hannah discovers checkers….

…and Jake still plays….


Hannah discovers the post office….


…and mail….




And becoming a Judge!


Jake discovers the mail!!


And the police station!


And the giant fire truck!!!



Perhaps he’ll be mechanic!





Hannah at the wheel!


A giant lite bright with colored pegs!!



I love this picture because I have one like it from when Hannah was about 6 months old…..same chair at the Discovery Center – and man they look so much bigger! Time flies!

And of course running in the big field!


We had to run out our sillies after all that exploring!! Such a fun day!!!!

Gingerbread Fun!

When I was a kid, my mom had this fantastic cookbook – and by fantastic I mean very well loved and food-stained. It had this elaborate gingerbread house recipe on the inside cover. Every Christmas I would ask to make it until finally one year we did. It was so much fun and many of my Christmas memories revolve around baking delicious treats and scrumptious meals in the kitchen.

Well, I wanted to do the same thing with my kids, only there was no way I was gonna do one from scratch like my mom and I did since my kids are 16 months and 3 – lots of effort required just to keep the candy eating to a minimum! So I did the next best thing – I got a pre-made gingerbread house kit at Target!

It’s really great because all you need is included – even the icing. Just ice and stick your candies on! All the fun – no stress for Mom!

Jake did a great job sticking on the candies….and eating them too!!! Luckily, there were plenty of candies!

Hard at work doing the icing!

Attempting to get all three of us looking at the camera, simultaneously, with a smile and with the completed masterpiece in the shot was, well dang near impossible!! This is as close as we got! Ha!

The camera was stuck on black and white but because Hannah and Jake were giggling so hard, we didn’t want to stop to fiddle with the camera….their laughter makes me melt! I can’t get enough!
It was a lovely evening and so much fun to do something different with the kids. That’s one of the things I’m loving about being a parent is creating traditions and memories for my kids as a family. Its just so much fun and I love it! All in all – a perfect evening, fun Christmas treats, all in the space of about 30 minutes which is about the attention span of my kids! 

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