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A Little of This, A Little of That…..

I’m just loving having a garden this year. While we didn’t plant that much, it’s amazing to me just how much we’ve been able to harvest! We’ve been eating snap peas like crazy people!

And look what was hiding… A few cukes!!

The pumpkins are growing OUT of the garden!!


The kids wanted to go for a bike ride so down the road we went, to be met with a neighbor spreading fresh dirt in his flower beds. He was very kind and offered to give the kids some dirt for their dump trucks!
They LOVED it!
They played….. 
and dug……


all morning long!!


Had to break for some swing time!



Somehow,  Jake always manages to rope Hannah into doing the pushing!! Smart little stinker!




Later they played “coal”. This is their new favorite game where they dig up rocks to put in Hannah’s tricycle and pretend they are trains. They come by Mama’s gas station and I fill them up and put air in their tires. They pay me in rocks! I love it!

Gathering that coal!


Just couldn’t resist a few of that cute little face!
Oh how I love them so.

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