I Knew This Day Was Coming…


Attempted to get Jacob in the dentists’ chair for a filling. No go. Complete tantrum melt down as he would not drink the “magic” drink that would make him “consciously sedated”. Never mind the fact that he wasn’t allowed anything to eat or drink from midnight on, ensuring a crabby mood. I’d probably be crabby too if someone got between me and breakfast.
As a result of Hannah’s age, and Jake’s inability to tolerate the dentist, both of them will have to be under anesthesia for their dental work. Not looking forward to it, but the upside is that in one appointment, all their needed work will be done. One shot. No return visits for this or that. We can finally go back to visits every six months and hopefully get to “enjoying” the dentist. Heck, I’d settle for tolerating the dentist. Yay teeth.
So after that trauma, and the 3.5 hour nap that followed (YES!) we hit the playground for some fun. Had a great time, but I wasn’t in the mood to cook, kitchen wasn’t cleaned, blah blah blah. We hit our little cafe up the road from our house and got some Mickey Mouse pancakes. I had a delicious avocado chicken sandwich! YUM!
Then it happened.
The moment I’ve been dreading since the day I found out I was pregnant.
Jacob: “Mommy! Look! That guy is a GIIIIIIIIIIIANNNNTTTT!!” (We watched The Princess Bride a couple of days ago and we just learned what a “giant” was. Thank you, Andre.)
Too bad the floor doesn’t have holes that can swallow you up on command. I’d settle for that invisibility cloak from Harry Potter. The man in question of course was not a giant, but rather an overweight man. And of course Jake has yet to master his “inside voice” and currently only has one volume – LOUD.
We of course had “the talk” promptly when we got into the car. “If you can’t say something nice….etc.”
Hopefully tomorrow will not include dentists or giants.

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