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Everywhere we look we see signs of the virus, steps to prevent the spread and the inescapable ads and emails of every single company telling us 'we are all in this together'. People wearing masks when out getting groceries. The lack of the need of gasoline for a car that spends days in the driveway.… Continue reading Human-ing


A Year’s Difference: Anesthesia Take 2

After looking back at the last time we had some dental work done I was amazed by the growth of Jacob in just 18 months. He played with his sister in the waiting room pretty contentedly. He put on the pull-up without a fight. When telling him about the upcoming appointment, he was fine with… Continue reading A Year’s Difference: Anesthesia Take 2

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Wonder-Full Wednesday: General Anesthesia Edition

So this week, along with moving and accepting a writing gig, we also had both kids in to see the dentist. Of course in our house, the dentist visits are quite the ordeal. So much so, that they both had to go under general anesthesia for their procedures. Oy. Reading the list of possible complications… Continue reading Wonder-Full Wednesday: General Anesthesia Edition


I Knew This Day Was Coming…

Wow. Attempted to get Jacob in the dentists' chair for a filling. No go. Complete tantrum melt down as he would not drink the "magic" drink that would make him "consciously sedated". Never mind the fact that he wasn't allowed anything to eat or drink from midnight on, ensuring a crabby mood. I'd probably be… Continue reading I Knew This Day Was Coming…