A Year’s Difference: Anesthesia Take 2

After looking back at the last time we had some dental work done I was amazed by the growth of Jacob in just 18 months.

He played with his sister in the waiting room pretty contentedly. He put on the pull-up without a fight. When telling him about the upcoming appointment, he was fine with it “as long as I don’t have to drink the yucky drink”. With each day, he gets better and better at recovering from tantrums, and not having as many meltdowns.

He still didn’t like the shot (duh!) and he still wanted daddy and not me, which was really no surprise. But I wonder if it will ever be easy for him. I pray that as he grows, he’ll outgrow some of his anxiety. Or at least have the tools to manage it.

Meanwhile, little sister didn’t have any dental work required and was bouncing off the walls. We are also firmly ensconced in the “why?” phase. Have I mentioned how much I do not like I loathe the “why?” phase. I foolishly thought we’d bypassed this sanity destroyer unscathed.

I was wrong.

“Why does Jacob have to have a filling?”
“Why does he have to take sleepy medicine?”
“Why do I have to leave Jacob alone?”
“Why is he tired?”
“Why can’t I run around the office screaming?”
“Why can’t I set my own hair on fire?”
“Why can’t I eat this snail?”
“Why do we have to be here so looooong!?”

And that was the tip of the “Why!?” iceberg.

Jake is recovering quite nicely. Hannah is still bouncing off the walls. I’m ready for bedtime. (Dear hubby was ready about 8 hours ago.) Here’s hoping that brushing and flossing will keep the cavity creeps at bay – cause we’ve had more than enough dental trauma!


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