Pee and some other stuff…

The minions were playing in the wading pool, splashing and having all kinds of watery springtime fun in their bathing suits. I had made some lemonade for us and laid out a little blanket to lay on and watch them play. Awe… my little beautiful babies. I love the spring and summer.

Hannah decides she wants wants to snuggle so I let her climb on my back (I was laying down, leisurely sipping my drink.) She lays down to give me a “back hug” and then proceeds to pee on me.


Maybe that’s just motherhood.  Loving them even when they pee all over you!

Later my day turned around after a phone call similar to this one expanding my ‘lil writing gig into something a bit more. (YAHOO! And yes, I am still doing in-the-air-heel clicks!) I believe things happen for a reason,whether we know it or not. I also believe when we dare greatly, as Brene Brown writes about, it opens us up to new opportunities.

I love to write, but have never been confident in doing it to be published or writing the next best seller. While I hesitated for so long to call my self a “real runner”, I have the same issue with calling myself a “writer”. (And let’s face it, I’m a navy wife and work from home mom – what spare time do I have to write a novel?! Seriously, I’m in my 30s. I don’t feel like I have enough life experience to wax philosophical about anything, let alone write about it! I’m too busy living life and figuring it out as I go.) But, yet, the creativity is there and this little blog has been the outlet.

In pulling back the curtain of “perfect”, my “having it all together-ness”, I started writing. As they say, you should write only what you know. What I know is this – this life of navigating motherhood, being a military wife, sometimes having a life, and through all of it, pursuing joy and authenticity. By writing, I expose (perhaps on occasion, over share) myself. But, as a partial result, it led to another writing deal. Which led to another. And here I am writing about yet another opportunity.

When I do things (even if it scares me), such as daring to be open and write about the silly stuff of life, or my struggles, it leads to other things, such as new and deepened friendships, a shared connection with a stranger over a particular post, amazing opportunities, a connectedness of “we’re all in this together”,  and a crazy dose of deep joy. Things that I really hadn’t anticipated.

What I’m discovering over and over is that even when it’s uncomfortable and risky – it’s still worth it.

It’s all just very humbling. Not quite “peed on”-humbling. But humbling just the same.

Here’s to lemonade and daring greatly, even when it’s scary!



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