Why I Dislike Walmart

I really don’t like Walmart. Really. It borders on detest.

Let me preface by saying I am not an elitist, I don’t think I’m “too good” to shop there, nor do I begrudge anyone who does choose Walmart over other choices. My reasons are also not political in nature. While I think it’s a shame that huge stores like Walmart effectively put “mom and pop” joints out of business and contribute to every town in America looking exactly the same, there are plenty of other stores that do the exact same thing, yet they don’t make my skin crawl the way Walmart does.

It’s little things, like the way that every single Walmart smells. I can’t put my finger on what that smell is, exactly, but they all smell the same. The smell is not pleasant. It’s gross.

Every Walmart parking lot (at least the ones I’ve been to, and I’ve been to a few, in multiple states) is ridiculous in how it is set up. It seems that every space is 5 miles from the door. Even the really close spots. And seriously, why is it in EVERY Walmart parking lot, pedestrians entering the store walk down THE MIDDLE of the lane, completely oblivious to drivers behind them fighting back every urge not to run them over?! This happens occasionally at other stores, but every single time I go to a Walmart this happens. On the way in to the store, and as I’m trying to escape. Seriously?!

Once I am inside Grossmart, I’m not only hit with the awful stench, but as I start to look around I notice something peculiar.  At no time, at any Grossmart, have I ever once seen a happy shopper. There’s the tired/overworked/stressed out parents (I’m in this group), the quick “in and out” patrons, the leisurely strollers (down the middle of the aisle, again completely unaware of people trying to maneuver around their cart), etc. All these different groups, and none of them seems happy to be there. No smiles as far as I can see.

And the employees. Oy. This could get ugly. Why is it that in a company this large and with this many employees that more than one checkout cannot possibly be opened?! Have you ever tried self-checkout with kids? Excuse me while I slit my wrist. There is a reason a company has customers. TO HELP THEM. Why is it that when you ask a Grossmart employee where to locate an item, you get a blank stare and a pat “that’s not my department” type of answer?! You’d also think that with a company this large, they could afford a training program of some type to teach people to perhaps find someone (anyone!) who DOES KNOW THE ANSWER?! C’mon, Walmart! It’s basic customer service skills here.

In contrast, I go to a Target and not only is the store clean, but patrons and most employees are happy to be there. A customer can get an answer most of the time at a Target. They have cute stuff. A few pennies more perhaps, than Grossmart, but I really don’t care.

Call me crazy or shallow, but I’ll take a happy pleasant Target trip over wacked out Walmart any day.


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