Things You Should Not Say To Me While Ringing Up My Purchases

Today’s daily prompt: On customer service….or lack thereof 🙂

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There are so many instances where I’ve nearly left a pile of drool at the checkout line because my mouth was gaping open, shocked at the audacity of people and the things they say. So much so, that I felt compelled to share the list of what customer service people should never say to me (or anyone else) at the register.

1. Do not tell me how to parent my child. If I wanted your advice, I would ask for it. And if I’m asking for advice, I’m probably not going to solicit someone who I don’t know, doesn’t know my kids, or someone who may not even have kids of their own. Seriously – I’m sure you are just the “best auntie ever”, but if you don’t have kids of your own – you really shouldn’t be handing out parental advice. (The only exception to this would be if…

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On Customer Service

It seems lately that good, really good, customer service has gone by the wayside in most businesses. Many have a "customer service department" instead of demonstrating the philosophy that all employees, in a retail establishment in particular, are the  customer service representatives. When you go to a Wal-Mart, you sort of expect the service to … Continue reading On Customer Service