My Mother’s Favorite Post (AKA What Goes Around Comes Around)

My mother is really going to love this. I can hear her laughing right now.

When I was 4-years-old I somehow got ahold of a red marker and decided to bestow my world with red art. Everywhere. I was kicking butt and taking names with my alphabet skills and wrote all over walls, books, even my baby book. Whenever we come across those red letters, we laugh and my mom shakes her head, “You had a good ole time with that red pen!”

And yes, you can tell exactly where this is going.

After working out this morning in the garage, I come in to find this masterpiece:


To give my girl a little credit, I see she did start on the Daddy Countdown Track poster where we mark off life events until Eric returns….but slowly that pristine white wall became just too much temptation. We definitely needed a few H’s to spruce up the joint.

I had to laugh. (After I very sternly reminded her that markers were for paper) and mentally made a note to figure out how the heck she climbed on the counter to get the marker that was “out of reach”. Ugh. Ah, karma! It only took 30+ years, but it comes back to you!

As I start to clean it up I silently wonder to myself – what the heck did parents do before Magic Erasers?! Those things clean up EVERYTHING!


2 thoughts on “My Mother’s Favorite Post (AKA What Goes Around Comes Around)”

  1. I just discovered the power of magic erasers the other day myself! I gave my year-old twins crayons to “sign” a card for someone…while I was demonstrating for one twin, the other made a beeline for the kitchen cabinets and drew a purple masterpiece.

    I love this post. So cute 🙂


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