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The Boat

It's ugly here right now. More often than not I feel like the father in Mark 9:24 "I do believe! Help me overcome my unbelief!" I go from being so sure, to being completely uncertain and shaken. I'm sort of, just...numb. There's so much hate. So much anger and rage. Just like there has always been,… Continue reading The Boat

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Two Notes

It's been a week. T-ball fun (and tears), getting difficult news, and capping off the week was a dental appointment that didn't go well at all. Fillings were to be put in, but after 2 hours of trying to get Jake to drink the sedation medicine, the dentist no longer had time to do them. Jake… Continue reading Two Notes

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Public Speaking, My Story and Comfort Zones

I gave the greeting at church this morning. At our church, that doesn't mean just standing at a door and shaking hands as people come in. It means getting up on the platform and telling the congregation, in both services, (probably about 600 people) what God is doing in your life/has done recently or what… Continue reading Public Speaking, My Story and Comfort Zones