Parenting Gunk

Ugh. I seem to go in cycles with being a Mom. I feel like somedays I have my kids figured out. Life is good. I have the proverbial “key” that seems to work for the specific stage they are in.

Then they go and change the lock on me.

I’m currently locked out.  And it’s not my favorite.

I guess I have to look at it like I look at hitting the wall in running. You just put your head down and keep going until you get to another sweet spot.

I love parenting sweet spots. When the kids eat well, feel well and are getting along with each other. They say thank you without prompting. Then one of them comes up to you and puts their head on your lap and says, “Mama. I love you.” Doesn’t get much sweeter than that!

For me its as if there is a parenting style “sliding scale” based on parenting that I have been around, grew up with, or have read about. On one end there are what I call the “Free Spirits”. Those are the easy going folk who don’t ever seem to be bothered by anything their kid ever does. They can handle high levels of chaos, go with the flow, but also don’t follow convention. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the traditional authoritarian “kids should be seen and not heard” and “just make them do it” etc. No judgement on any of these styles because in my limited experience it seems what works for one child may or may not work for another.

I think my issue is trying to find my footing some where in the middle of this “scale” and finding what will work for my kids. And realizing that where I am on this scale may be different for each of my kids. My son had always been a kid who will NOT be rushed, won’t be cajoled into anything, and definitely knows his own mind. I think we are a lot alike in someways, which is probably why we can butt heads sometimes. And the fact that he is a 3 year old cave man doesn’t help either!

It’s just amazing to me that in the space of an hour I can go from having my heart go pitter patter from some ridiculously cute thing they say or do, to being completely frustrated by something else. Somedays I wonder if I’m bipolar! I like parenting theory books since I don’t have all the answers and neither does any other parent! It’s nice to have fresh ideas. Some of them I’ve thrown across the room or laughed out loud knowing that “that” would never work for me or my family.

I also love veteran parents when they advise to “cherish” these moments because they go so fast. And it is true. I’m trying to cherish as much as I can through each phase. I love being a mom and can’t imagine being anything else. I know why I was put on Earth. But, as a friend recently put it – “My kid has stretched me farther than I ever thought possible or I ever wanted!” No joke! Mentally, emotionally, and of course physically. Being a parent is definitely not for the timid!

Here’s to trying out some “keys” to get back into a sweet spot. And hoping the lock out ends sooner rather than later! As Martina McBride put it in her song “Teenage Daughters” –  I think I need a drink!


Christmas Craft

Jacob decided that he wanted to paint some ornaments again this year…
 It was quite comical as every time Jake gets a dot of paint on his skin or on the newspaper, he shouts, “Wipe it off Mama!!!”
 He is definitely my clean child… 🙂
Hannah painted for all of about 10 seconds before deciding it wasn’t for her when she couldn’t eat the paint! Off to nap time she went!!
It was a fun morning and we are ready for Christmas!!! 🙂


Well…it’s been a crazy couple of weeks!
This week will conclude the fourth month of bootcamp – and what a difference 4 months makes…
Here is my before/after shots:


It really is amazing to me how fast a body will adapt if you just work out and eat clean and healthy. Not always perfect, but since I have stuck with it – the results are well worth it!  If I can do it – ANYONE can! It’s amazing how it is much more than just weight loss. I’ve learned so much about myself in the past year it’s incredible. Still have a little ways to go and I’m sure the weight loss will start to taper as I get to my goal weight. What a journey! I’m actually going to be running not 1, but 2 half marathons in the next month. It’s crazy and I can’t even believe it. Perhaps a full marathon sometime next year….hmmm….I’ll let you know!
And then I took the opportunity to have a little photo session with my two favorite subjects!!!


 Fun on the slide!!


 Hannah being a cutie pie!


 Fun!! I just love to watch them play together!
 Rolling down the hill!
Hannah is always running to try to keep up with her big brother! It’s adorable and melts my heart! I love it when they play together!
Jacob had his 3 year check up today and did great! So much better than last year! He is now weighing in at 36 lbs and he is 34 inches tall putting him in the 90th percentile for both height and weight. Growing like a weed!!
Not much else is going on….and moving is just around the corner so we are starting to gear up for that!

Halloween 2011

Halloween this year was interesting…to say the least. Unfortunately Eric was out of town for work, so he missed this one.
Hannah dressed up as a lady bug this year…
 She wasn’t a big fan of the hat!
 But I did manage to snap one pic with it on!!


 Jacob had a Woody from Toy Story costume, but refused to put it on….
 Here he is with our friend Batgirl!
 Jake didn’t really get what Halloween was all about. Luckily we went with some friends to show him the ropes 🙂
 Once he figured out that he could go up to some one and simply say “trick or treat” and get candy, he was all over “doing it for Hannah”!!!
 It wasn’t too long and he got the hang of it!!
 So fun!


It was fun watching him try to figure it all out. Hannah just ran after the big kids and screamed and giggled! When I asked Jacob if he wanted to get into his costume since the other kids were doing it, he said, “No! I’m Jacob”
I guess he just wanted to be himself for Halloween.
I love that kid!
He did have a couple of pieces of candy that night, but then magically it disappeared by morning. Go figure!!! And we will be donating the remainder to the troops overseas. I am proud to say I did not partake in the candy eating at all. Quite a difference from last year when I bought candy way ahead of time, ate it all, then had to go get more!!! LOL!!

Wowee!!! Jacob is 3!!!

Well our baby just turned 3! Can hardly believe it! I got a few shots of Hannah playing in the backyard before the festivities began!!


 Playing ball!!
 Jake really doesn’t care for cake and doesn’t like frosting at all….
 So we made a chocolate chip cookie party!! Jake got a giant cookie with his name spelled out in chocolate chips!! (Which Eric made by the way! GO DAD!!)
 We had a great time with Cars themed plates and decorations….
 And friends to help us celebrate!!


 Hannah even got into the action!


Jake had a good time, but doesn’t really get what birthdays are about so we basically celebrated the fact that 3 years ago we became parents…..and, as our good friend Kim said, we found purpose.
Well said.
Happy birthday Jacob! We love you!

Trip to Maui

We got a chance to get a girls night out!! So much fun! We did our usual dinner at the mai tai bar at the Royal Hawaiian hotel. It is so beautiful there and dinner on the water just can’t be beat!
 We took pictures of each other from the balcony of Moose McGillicutty’s. Great food in Lahaina!
 Yummy mai tais and lava flows too!!

Back on Oahu, we had a beach day at the Hilton lagoon. 
 The lagoons are great for the kids because there are virtually no waves!
 Fun in the sand!!
 Daddy got Jake a mixer!!
Hannah in her little Hawaiian dress!

Jake in the banyan tree in Lahaina!

Its been such fun and we get to attend a fun event tomorrow….part of the Hawaiian International Film Festival…..stay tuned!!!

We are back!!!!!!

We decided to move away from Facebook and instead keep up with friends and family via our family blog!!
We recently took a week and visited Maui!!!
 Daddy and Jake at Cheeseburger in Paradise!! Yum!
 Our good friend Kacee came too!!
Eric and I on Front Street in Lahaina
Hannah and Daddy!
At the aquarium!!


 Oooh! Look!!


Hannah has no fear! She loved touching the creatures!!!
Today we headed to Waikiki and played in the lagoon at the Hilton!
 She LOVES the water!!
 Kacee and I braved paddle boarding!!
 We didn’t fall
It was such a great workout!


Yay!!! I did it!!
Even Jake went for a ride!!


And so did Eric!
We had such a great day!! Stay tuned for more adventures……
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