Let Them Be the Hero

So often, I rush in as the mom to "help" my husband with the kids. Regardless of whether or not he asks for my help. Especially after a deployment, it is so incredibly easy to just jump in and handle any situation with the kids. I've been doing it the whole deployment anyway, so why … Continue reading Let Them Be the Hero

Victorious Not Nauseous

This time last year, we were gearing up for what we thought was to be a 6-month deployment. Those in the military know, sometimes the plans get changed. Six months turned into a whole year deal with a 6-week "home port visit" over the holidays. What a difference a year makes. Here is some of … Continue reading Victorious Not Nauseous

Blegh. On More than One Level

Blegh. There. I said it. I'm feeling a little blue as the reality of going it alone for 9 months sinks in. I know I'm not  ALONE alone. There are plenty of people to help out, offer support and are just there for me and the kids. But, it isn't Eric. There isn't a replacement … Continue reading Blegh. On More than One Level

Hau oli Makahiki Hou!! (That’s Happy New Year in Hawaiian!)

As 2011 ends, I'm feeling a bit reflective as I usually do when the holidays draw to a close and a new year's possibilities are just around the corner. I've had two crazy "pinch me" moments recently. The first was in line at Subway. The girl behind me in line struck up a conversation about … Continue reading Hau oli Makahiki Hou!! (That’s Happy New Year in Hawaiian!)