11 Years!

Wow! A decade flies when you’re having fun!!!

I read a quote somewhere that said something to the effect of “99% of your happiness is determined by the spouse you pick. Choose wisely.”
I love this quote and it is so true. I feel like I won the lottery with the husband I chose!

While we are very compatible in the “biggies”, (religion, children, money, etc.) I find the fun and more important things lie in the “smallies”. Stuff like the way he hugs our kids just a little bit longer as he leaves for work or the way he knows our son and adapts to his needs when needed, spending an extra hour at the hardware store to play “boo!” in the display doors because he knows how Jake loves that game. Or when he knows I just need a break so he takes the kids on an adventure! Or my favorite is rehashing our day before falling asleep and it usually turns into a “funny things the kids did” session or “how did we get to be so blessed?” conversation.

I think the art of loving someone well comes down to these “smallies”.  Little, seemingly inconsequential decisions to do the things you know will make each other smile. Not everyday is smiles and rainbows, but they sure out number the days that aren’t.

For that and so many other reasons, I feel very blessed to spend my life with the man for which I was destined. Or was destined to put up with me!

Happy Anniversary to us!


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