The First Run….After

I went for my first run today since the marathon and I have to admit, I was a little bit nervous. During the marathon I had such crazy pains in my ankles, calves and knees that I think I was a little fearful that it would take so long to recover that I’d basically have to start from scratch again.

Well, I did just over three miles and it felt AMAZING! My body was seriously craving some endorphins! I felt so good and it was just a nice easy jog with the double stroller and it was over before I knew it…three miles flies right by when the last three long runs were 13.1 and 26.2!

With the holidays (and indulgent food) upon us, and three weeks without bootcamp to help me stay focused, I feel like it’s a real test for when we move back to Washington state and my hubbs is deployed. I still have to get out there and get moving – with the kiddos. No excuses. I will not go back to complacency. It feels to good right now and I just don’t want to lose this! If all else fails – I’ll do my silly Jillian Michaels’ videos 🙂

As I was bundling up my sick kiddos (one cold, one ear infection) into the double stroller, I realized that my son must have had a growth spurt because he doesn’t fit anymore! The straps couldn’t buckle him in and I had them slid to the longest length they would go! I had a moment of awe when I realized that I probably won’t be using that jogger anymore and I will have to find other ways to stay fit with the kids.
Is it weird that I was actually a bit sad? To be attached to a stroller?! That stroller has given me so much. The ability to spend time with my kids while I work out had made me a stronger runner. When I run without it, I almost feel naked. There is no doubt that without that stroller I would not be as physically fit as I am right now.

I have been doing some research and have found that Burley makes a great bike trailer that will convert to a double jogger -and t’s much bigger for my man-child! In the meantime, I will push the single and have Jake ride his bike while I run. Exercise for him, exercise for me – its a win-win! I think I’ll give that a try as soon as he is well.


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