More Crazy Ideas: Christmas Edition

I get these crazy ideas and then halfway through I am wondering what the heck I was thinking when I thought whatever it is I'm doing was a good idea. Today was a classic example. It usually begins with a day with nothing planned. Hmmm, what can we do today? Ah! I know! Let's put … Continue reading More Crazy Ideas: Christmas Edition

Christmas Lights!

Eric has attempted to get us all down to see the Christmas Lights display in Honolulu and we finally made it! They have huge scene displays, a Christmas train and more lights than we could count!  Jake and Daddy on the the ride!  Mele Kalikimaka!!! Merry Christmas!  Hannah was enthralled by the lights!!  Jacob, Hannah … Continue reading Christmas Lights!

Christmas Craft

Jacob decided that he wanted to paint some ornaments again this year...  It was quite comical as every time Jake gets a dot of paint on his skin or on the newspaper, he shouts, "Wipe it off Mama!!!"  He is definitely my clean child... 🙂 Hannah painted for all of about 10 seconds before deciding … Continue reading Christmas Craft