Merry Christmas!

When I was around 6- or 7-years-old, my parents got me an entire bedroom set. It wasn’t furniture under the tree or in the garage. We went to bed just like any other night. After I was well asleep, they transferred me into their bed and set to work. When I woke up Christmas morning, Santa had arrived! I blinked my sleepy eyes and gazed around – pretty pink bedspread, new sheets, a big bed, night stands, dresser, and a desk and chair! It was simply amazing.

This is one of my favorite Christmas memories. I feel giddy as we are recreating that Christmas for our daughter! When she wakes up, she will be in princess sheets, a new bed, rearranged room and a big dollhouse that she has been asking Santa for (for 2 years!) and I simply cannot wait!

Get up! Get up! Get up!

Santa was here! Santa was here!

Is it time yet???


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