I’m not sure if I believe in karma, but I definitely feel like we should all live by the golden rule – do unto others…
Well, apparently I haven’t been very nice because karma came with a vengeance in the last 36 hours!! I can’t make this stuff up – it would be hilarious if it hadn’t happened to me!

The day started like any other, getting ready to take my shower and luckily, Hannah was still asleep on my bed, snoring softly. I thought I might be quick enough to get in and get dressed by the time she woke up. Ahhh, the best laid plans! Just as I was pulling back the shower curtain (naked and vulnerable, mind you) my good friend Mr. Cockroach decided to pay me a visit in the tub! BLEEEGHHHH! Any one that knows me well, knows my intense fear/dislike/hatred of bugs of any kind, but spiders and roaches specifically. And the little bugger didn’t even have the decency to make his appearance at a time when my baby was awake so I could have at least done my normal primal scream!! Just another reason I’m not a fan!

So without my ability to properly scream and holler at Mr. C – I finally get him shoved down the drain followed by whatever chemicals I can find to ensure his demise. I decide to postpone my shower until the heebee jeebees have subsided.

But then I decide – eh, who needs a shower before heading on a hike when I’m bound to get all sweaty again anyway???

So off to Makapu’u we go with friends!!! It’s a great, kid friendly hike with a wide paved path big enough for strollers. The view was amazing!!! So stunning!

 So we are climbing higher and higher and Jake wants in the stroller. Then out. Then in again. OVER AND OVER AND OVER! And it’s no big deal – he’s wearing himself out so he’s bound to take a decent nap….


After our picnic lunch at the top, its time to head back down, but Jake decides it would be much more fun to biff his sister in the head with his apple. (We are having issues with hitting). So as a consequence, he has to ride in the stroller all the way back down.
Screaming all the way down, “LET ME OUT!!” “UNBUCKLE ME!!”
I’m sure it was entertaining for all.
Or not.
These are the days I just wish I would have stayed home! LOL!
It was stunning though, and I am glad I went. But note to self for next time – bigger lunch and don’t forget Hannah’s shoes so she can get out and walk around more!
So I proceed to be DONE at this point so I start to make my way back to the car (screaming Jacob the whole way, Hannah trying to pull his hair and poke him in the eye, which only riles him up further) and I load up the kids in the car and we are not a mile down the road and they are both ZONKED!
So my genius self thinks – hmmm. I wonder if I can manage transferring them both to their beds, AND keep them both sleeping?????
Yeah, they woke up a mile from the house. Both of them.
So in the house we go and I dutifully get them some milk (C’mon tryptphan!! Do your sleepy magic!) They drink it down and up to bed we go. We are having a nap cause we didn’t yesterday. Jake is in his bed, Hannah is in her room
For an hour.
No one is sleeping.
I give up.
So backdown we go as day two of Stoffers Nap Boycott continues.
Then I get the BRILLIANT idea to go for a bike ride (Hannah in her trailer behind my bike and Jake on his own bike) because that will surely wear them out. Especially if I let them run around at the playground forever and a day!
So off we go pedaling down the road. My bike shoes have cleats that clip into the pedals (they rock) but I am still getting accustomed to them. You twist your ankle to remove your shoe from the pedal. And, I’m a newbie so this takes me a bit of time. And you have to pedal while doing it otherwise you slow down and you will fall over.
And that’s just what I did.
Tore up my knee and my elbow. Feel like a 6 year old.
And my first thought is, “I have to get back up. Jacob is watching me. When you fall – you have to get back up and try again.” And that’s what I did. I got back on my bike. We went to the playground, ran around like crazy people, got back on our bikes, then headed to my Battle Buddy Katy’s house for some TLC in the form of neosporin, band-aids, and an adult beverage!
After some patch up work, off we went home to have dinner with Daddy – which consisted of  – well this:
Now, I know what you are thinking….That’s not a healthy eating plan! And you would be correct! This is not what I would normally eat – but it was one of those days.  (And yes, I am back on track!)
And these are the nibble trays we made for the kids:
By this time, Eric is commiserating with my horrible day and the fact that it’s time to bathe the kids so we can ALL just go to bed. So I go up to get Hannah bathed. She’s playing in the bubbles having a grand time. Then she poos.
In her bath.
I really can’t make this stuff up.
Tomorrow just has to be a better day right?!
Wellllllll, Katy and I are going to swim at the pool on base as they have this “Swim 2012 yards (that’s over a mile!) and get a free towel” promotion for the new year. And both of us being on board with free fitness fun – we decide that’s what we are going to do! Keep in mind she is a swimmer – and good at it. I am a hack. But I’m learning and we are both training for our first biathlon next weekend. So we swim. And swim. Katy is done and I’ve still got a ways to go, so I’m doing my thing but have to take breaks and swim on my back for a half a lap or so…
and then I bonk my head on the side of the pool.
Really? I’m able to keep going, not really thinking much of it other than hoping that no one saw me! We do our swim, get our towels, and go on our merry way.
I head to the commissary to pick up some groceries and realize I have a blind spot in my peripheral vision. And I’m feeling a little foggy – but that’s just because I swam over a mile! I’m bound to be a bit tired I suppose.
Then my arm starts tingling and going numb.
And I have a monster headache. Like the worst headache I’ve ever had in my life. (I don’t get headaches often, so it was probably not that bad, but it was awful to me.) So I come home and sleep for a couple of hours.
Yeah, a mild concussion.
I am officially DONE.
Karma, the universe – I sincerely submit my apologies to whom ever I have offended, wronged or otherwise displeased. Please make this stop!!!
Thank you! And good night!

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