Making Lemonade

Today was a rough one. Not for any particular reason...just weepy, over-emotional, overwhelmed, missing my Hawaii peeps, missing the hubbs, church this morning was spot on, and oh yeah, I'm a woman! Ha! After church and braving the grocery store for ONLY FIVE items that inevitably turned into 25 - I felt a little blah … Continue reading Making Lemonade

Never Say Never

When I worked in banking I used to see the non-showered stay-at-home-moms looking all frazzled and not "making their children behave" as they ran around and got loud. I used to think to myself, "Man, can't she make those kids mind? My kids will NEVER act like that!" BWAAHHAHHAHHA!!! And fast forward to today AS … Continue reading Never Say Never

Positives of a deployment…

With deployment looming in the not-so-distant future, I was thinking yesterday about some of the things I actually look forward to during a deployment. Things like mowing the lawn. Yep. I actually LOVE mowing the lawn. There is something so gratifying about seeing those freshly made tracks on the grass, the smell of it mixed … Continue reading Positives of a deployment…

Frustrated and Quitting

So lately I've been in a funk. I'm so thrilled with the progress I've made and the wonderful experiences with fitness I've had over the last 6 months. As I approach my goal weight and learn to live in a space of maintenance, I find myself frustrated. Mentally, I've been frustrated with a couple of … Continue reading Frustrated and Quitting