Never Say Never

When I worked in banking I used to see the non-showered stay-at-home-moms looking all frazzled and not “making their children behave” as they ran around and got loud. I used to think to myself, “Man, can’t she make those kids mind? My kids will NEVER act like that!”


And fast forward to today AS I WAS THAT MOM. Oy.

Never say never is more than a catchy tween tune by the Beibster. (For the record, I really am a 12 year old girl and LOVE me some Justin Beiber!) Anyhoo… yeah, I’m in the bank having just given my 3 1/2 year old and my almost 2 year old a stern warning about “inside voices” and not running around. This is a bank and we do not act like that here.

And as I was getting my transaction transacted, my minions ran up the stairs to the upper offices and down comes an employee lecturing me on how the stairs are dangerous and “they were trying to do business” and would I please take my children downstairs.


I left. Luckily I was done with my business because Jake decided to head out without me to the car as I’m trying to round up Hannah. Awesome. I think I’m going to stick to online banking and the drive thru from now on……
But as I was going about my day – I kind of got a little irritable and couldn’t really figure out why. (Other than the fact that we are on the eve of my hubbs’ deployment and the weather is just plain crap! 😉 Was I irritated that I have become what I thought I ‘never’ would? I love my life, don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t give up getting to raise my kids for anything. ANYTHING. But sometimes I wonder if we put too much pressure on ourselves (at least I do) to “have it all together”. Regardless of working/staying home to raise kids or some combo of the two – it’s like we all have to put on this face of “I got this figured out,” “My kids are always well behaved” (even though we ALL know that isn’t true!) and our hair/makeup/clothing/fill-in-the-blank are all “camera ready” and perfect all of the time. Is it just me? I am just not one of those women who has mild mannered, always well-behaved children and always looks model perfect. Never have been, probably never will. (But, never say never…..:)

Oh, and in other news, I almost punched a lady today. Yep. In a craft store check out line. Obviously deterred by an assault charge – I resisted, but just barely. Trying to contain Jake’s octopi arms from impulse items while Hannah is simultaneously reaching for something else – gimme a break! There are two of them and only one of me…I’m outnumbered from the start! The lady decides at that moment to tell me (referring to my my head-to-toe-in-pink Hannah) that my SON grabbed something.

Really?! I’m not blind. I know she grabbed something. I was just getting finished with my actual son and what he was grabbing and hadn’t quite made it yet to whatever it was my DAUGHTER had snatched. I know people are trying to help….but really? This was all of course after the bank-cident so I’m sure I was ripe for a knock out with an 80 year old! Oh, and SHE IS A GIRL. As evidenced by the aforementioned head-to-toe PINK. I guess it’s time to get one of those shirts – the ones that announce “Yes, I AM a girl!”.

Frazzled mom in sweats and punching old ladies. Mmmm….good day!


2 thoughts on “Never Say Never”

  1. Ha. I loved reading this…there are many days like this for me (and probably every Mom…as much as we hate to admit it!) Don't sweat it, girl…I'm sure that your children are smart and beautiful – you just have to keep telling yourself (take it from firsthand experience!) that curious and energetic children equal smarter, stronger, faster, and WAY more interesting adults 🙂


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