Even on the yucky days…

Even on the yucky, crappy, wish-the ground-would-swallow-me-up, go-back-to-bed-days, I aspire to still, in the midst of circumstance, be grateful.

Even on the yucky days, when I am at my worst, I want to be able to take a step back just for a moment, and remember the bigger picture, and be grateful. This is so hard for me when it’s been one of THOSE kind of days.

Things like the fact that I love my kids more than the spilled cereal. (Or milk, or water, or whatever). The cereal will get cleaned up – but it’s much harder to take back harsh words spoken out of irritation.

Reminders from my son that he really doesn’t care about that pile of dishes in the sink, he really just wants to read The Very Busy Spider a few more times. He WANTS to be with me. Not only will that go away all too soon, but how amazing is it that he wants to be with me even on the days that even I don’t like me!? Talk about a lesson in unconditional love! I love that boy, especially on the yucky days! And I’m so very thankful for the time he wants to spend with me.

Even on the yucky days, when I’m overwhelmed and just want the hubbs home – it all seems too hard – I remember that I AM DOING IT. I am making it through this deployment, even if its bumpy here and there. I have to be thankful that my husband has a career that he is well suited to, he serves his country, and our family. No, it’s not fun having to go through separations, but his work allows me to do mine. For that I am (and will always be) grateful.

Even on the yucky days when I daydream about what it would be like to go back to life without kids – for just 24 hours – just to sleep. Where is that DeLorean and Michael J. Fox when you need ’em!? I am brought out of my daydream by little feet and little voices, “Mama?”

Nah, I wouldn’t go back. Even on the yucky days.

Because even in the yucky days – there are some pretty awesome moments.


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