The Walk

About a week ago (I think?!  Two weeks? The days are starting to blend together a bit for me lately 🙂 we went on a walk on the trails near our house. We went with Grandma and Grampa and had a GREAT time!
It was, however, a groundhog-day sort of walk. The kind of walk you take with preschoolers. Meandering. Looking at a twig. Looking at the drain. Throwing a leaf into a ditch. Throwing a leaf into the ditch 500 times. Picking blackberries. Getting stuck by stickers in said blackberries. It was comical, fun, and a hilarious 2.38 miles. And Hannah and Jake were troopers having walked almost the entire thing!
I should point out that they were troopers AFTER about the first half mile….poor Jake and I had a standoff that rivaled the one at the O.K. Corral. Sheesh! That boy can be strong-willed. Can’t imagine where he gets that from…..anyway, once he got that we were in fact going to walk the loop and not just turn around and go back, he starting having fun, too!


Grandma and Hannah running along, side by side….most all of the way!



Pit-stopping to do some “happy feet”. (Think football drills.)


Hannah and Grampa stopping to wave at EVERY dump truck that drove by….



And Jake too!



Walking with Grampa! She asked him to carry her for a bit! So cute!




Happy Feet with Grampa!



And she nearly crashed at the end. Wanted to be carried. Can’t imagine why! Two miles on those two little legs was tough work! (For the record, I did have the stroller. She chose not to use it.)





Grandma took a turn!


And of course, Jacob had to get in on the carrying action!
So much fun with these crazy kids!

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