Square Peg in a Round Hole

Some days (weeks, months) are just like that. Disjointed, out of whack, trying too hard to get my to-do list checked off, bull-in-china-shop yuckiness. Like cramming a square peg into a round hole. And when the dust of the day starts to settle, all three of us pay for it with crabby Patty attitudes, tantrums and tears.

I’m sitting in the car with a sleeping two year old while the almost 4-year old is at preschool. All I want to do is shop for his birthday presents (without him being present!) Sitting in the quiet moment with this precious baby girl softly snoring, all I can think of is that dang to-do list as I mentally check off all the things I COULD be doing.

Then I stop. She isn’t going to want to sleep on me before too long. I AM doing something in this moment. I may not be spinning my wheels looking busy, but I am doing something. Something good. Something that matters.

As a type-A, production-oriented person, I have to constantly remind myself that just because I have fewer tangible items on that list with less visible “results”, it by no means equates with doing “nothing”.

I am mothering. And that is what I am striving to keep at the top of that list.


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