Everything. Everything has changed in the last two months. New city, new state, different climate, new house, new bigger bugs, routines - all of it. And, my first started kindergarten this week. As I sit snuggled with him in our rocking chair, feeling the steady rise and fall of his breath, I smell his washed-last-night… Continue reading New


What I Do All Day

Oh boy. Here we go. Before I fan the flames of the so-called mommy-wars (which is the most ridiculous moniker), let me preface  by saying it is not my intention to say working moms are better/worse than work from home moms, or vice versa. Being a mom is hard, period, regardless of how one goes… Continue reading What I Do All Day


It’s Happened…

It has officially happened. I woke up this morning and realized: I am a parent. Beyond simply giving birth and raising a family, I've become that parent. You know what I'm talking about. Driving my minivan, crumbs all over the floor from breakfast on the way to school, and on our way to (drum roll… Continue reading It’s Happened…

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On Transitions

I don't like transitions. Point A is fine. Point B is great. The messiness of the in between is scary and uncertain. I don't like the messiness. At all. And for me, this applies to multiple areas of my life. In potty training my daughter, the convenience of Pull-Ups is great. But, I am overjoyed at… Continue reading On Transitions

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Dear Military Mom Facing Your First Deployment With Kids

Dear Military Mom on your first deployment: Oh mama, there really isn't anything I can tell you to prepare for this adventure. It is hard. Simple as that. There are days (hours, minutes) that are going to feel like forever. Dragging so slow you swear it's been an hour and it's only been 4 minutes.… Continue reading Dear Military Mom Facing Your First Deployment With Kids

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Being a Mom

Looking, watching, observing moms about Many types that really leave no doubt The one who never learned to swim, never jumped in the pool, Couldn't play with her kids in the water, never lost her cool But in the end missed out on all the fun the way that water feels under warm summer sun… Continue reading Being a Mom


The Oxymorons of Parenting

Lately I've been realizing there are discrepancies in the things I am telling my son. Most recently, I told my son that he needs to come to me if he needs help setting a dispute with his sister or with a playmate.  So the minute he did, what was my reply? "Don't be a tattle-tale."… Continue reading The Oxymorons of Parenting

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Is It Over Yet? (Eric, you can come home now….)

Church services are not designed with little kids in mind. Nor are they designed with the parents of littles in mind. Yes, they have Sunday school and nurseries and cry rooms, but I'm talking about the timing. Services typically start from 9:30-10:30, then by the time it's over, kids are collected, we buckle up and… Continue reading Is It Over Yet? (Eric, you can come home now….)

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Parenting Encounters

Lately I've had some interesting encounters while parenting in public. Let me rephrase that: Since my children were born I've had crazy encounters while out and about. Most recently on a really crappy day, I was rudely told in a grocery store to teach my child to count apples somewhere else because I was "in… Continue reading Parenting Encounters


A Crap Day Brightened

Days like today just beat me up. Quick Recap: Kids woke up at 5am - Hannah with a "nice" diaper gift. (Should have been my first clue!) Poop before coffee = never good. While shopping at the grocery, was rudely informed that I was in the way and that I should "teach my daughter to… Continue reading A Crap Day Brightened