April Fools’ Day

"Hey Hannah," I said, motioning her over to her Easter basket loot. "Do you remember eating these?" I asked, pointing to the Cadbury mini eggs. "No....well, kind of..." she replied. "These are your dad's FAVORITE Easter candies. I thought you'd really like them, too," I explained. Ever trying to include a deployed parent into daily … Continue reading April Fools’ Day

The Oxymorons of Parenting

Lately I've been realizing there are discrepancies in the things I am telling my son. Most recently, I told my son that he needs to come to me if he needs help setting a dispute with his sister or with a playmate. ┬áSo the minute he did, what was my reply? "Don't be a tattle-tale." … Continue reading The Oxymorons of Parenting