The Things I Do….

It has been said that “If you are interested, you’ll do what’s convenient. If you’re committed, you’ll do whatever it takes.”

That pretty much sums it up for me lately, today in particular. I do what it takes to get a run in whenever I can.

I started the day with a massage this morning and it was FABULOUS! Long overdue and much needed! I came back to the house and the long-missed “ball of fire in the sky” made a rare appearance. After playing with the kids in the yard for a while, I knew I would regret it if I didn’t seize the opportunity to run on such a nice day. November in the Pacific Northwest doesn’t lend itself to nice days like this very often. So inside to grab some running clothes, get shoes for the kids (they run around barefoot whenever they can, regardless of the temperature) and load up the bike, trike, and stroller. And 3 bananas. And apples. And water. Oh! And I now have a Garmin – gotta test it against the app on the iPhone….okay – I think I got everything. Down to the trails!

Last week my mom watched the kids so I could run – and I ran 6 miles. In the cold. And rain. Chilled to the bone by the end – but it was still good! I’ll take my miles however I can get them! Even if it means jumping through all kinds of hoops to get it done….

Today’s hoops included the following: Hannah had a pooptastrophy. So after quickly getting the bike, trike and stroller out of the back, in went Hannah the hot mess. Let me just say this: she had to don her backup outfit because it was EVERYWHERE! (Meanwhile, 3 or 4 other people have parked and ran along on their merry way while I wrestle an now clean and redressed Hannah out of every single mud puddle AND trying to keep an eye out for Jake so he doesn’t careen into another runner on the trail while he races up and down the hill.

Multitasking at its finest.

Here’s our deal: Kids get to ride bikes up and down the trail a bunch of times, then mommy gets to run. Run with kids in the stroller AND strapped in, so I can plug my ears (with music) and for 30 minutes TRY to imagine that I am not, in fact, pushing 80+ pounds! Usually they have no problem sticking to the deal. Once in a while Jake decides to ride his bike alongside the stroller, only to want to turn around and put the bike in the car a quarter mile in. Today I got lucky and he was cooperative and gladly climbed into the stroller. Bribing him with a banana helped.

It was a nice easy 2 miles, scenery was fabulous! (See picture: fall at its finest!) and the best part was as I was finishing up a sprint to the end, a very sweet couple gave me a standing ovation! Well, granted they were already standing/walking, but the applause was a nice touch and a great boost to my run!

Endorphins, sunlight and a little applause made all the “hoops” worth jumping through today!

Happy Running!


Even on the yucky days…

Even on the yucky, crappy, wish-the ground-would-swallow-me-up, go-back-to-bed-days, I aspire to still, in the midst of circumstance, be grateful.

Even on the yucky days, when I am at my worst, I want to be able to take a step back just for a moment, and remember the bigger picture, and be grateful. This is so hard for me when it’s been one of THOSE kind of days.

Things like the fact that I love my kids more than the spilled cereal. (Or milk, or water, or whatever). The cereal will get cleaned up – but it’s much harder to take back harsh words spoken out of irritation.

Reminders from my son that he really doesn’t care about that pile of dishes in the sink, he really just wants to read The Very Busy Spider a few more times. He WANTS to be with me. Not only will that go away all too soon, but how amazing is it that he wants to be with me even on the days that even I don’t like me!? Talk about a lesson in unconditional love! I love that boy, especially on the yucky days! And I’m so very thankful for the time he wants to spend with me.

Even on the yucky days, when I’m overwhelmed and just want the hubbs home – it all seems too hard – I remember that I AM DOING IT. I am making it through this deployment, even if its bumpy here and there. I have to be thankful that my husband has a career that he is well suited to, he serves his country, and our family. No, it’s not fun having to go through separations, but his work allows me to do mine. For that I am (and will always be) grateful.

Even on the yucky days when I daydream about what it would be like to go back to life without kids – for just 24 hours – just to sleep. Where is that DeLorean and Michael J. Fox when you need ’em!? I am brought out of my daydream by little feet and little voices, “Mama?”

Nah, I wouldn’t go back. Even on the yucky days.

Because even in the yucky days – there are some pretty awesome moments.

A Little Fall…A Little Gratitude….

After a couple of days of grey, wet, and typical Pacific Northwest weather, I am trying to not be such a Wendy Whiner and instead embrace the things I am grateful for.
Not having had actual seasons for a few years, it’s actually kind of fun to teach my kids and have them notice all the beautiful colors that are EVERYWHERE right now! Even in our own front yard!



Jake would barely let me rake this mini pile before diving in to kick them all around! He had such fun!


Hannah on the other hand was content to play in the “river” as both her and Jake refer to it….it’s the side of the curb. It was a “rushing river” that they felt compelled to toss leaves into and watch them float away.



These are a couple of the trees that have changed colors in the past couple of weeks.


And in one of our “inside recess” kind of days, we made beaded necklaces! Jake was loving them. Cracked me up! They love to wear the pjs EVERYWHERE. I can barely get Jacob out of them!


Does this girl know how to rock her accessories, or what?!
I am thankful for this fun little girl and boy and all their silliness, playfulness and boundless energy! They definitely keep me on my toes and keep me moving!
I am so very grateful for Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte. Oh how I heart thee! If you have never tried one…seriously – it’s like drinking pumpkin pie. If it wasn’t 11pm right now I would be going to get one for myself!
I have been moved from the responses from my last couple of posts. I am in awe of some of the responses and humbled by the kind thoughts expressed. We are all connected and I am feeling the love!
I am grateful for the ability to run. While I don’t get to do it as often or whenever I would like, I do have my health and the physical ability to do it. I signed up for 5 races (2 5ks and 2 1/2 marathons) between November and April of next year. I am so excited and have to remember to keep goals to shoot for. It keeps me motivated. I am grateful for motivation.
I am so thankful that a friend turned me on to the show “Downton Abbey”. Its a PBS drama (I’ve been watching on DVDs from the library) It is such a fun ‘brain-candy’ escape!! Love it and can’t wait for season 3 to start!
The kiddos need some pretty extensive dental work done probably by the end of the year. Because of Jake’s inability to be a rational person where doctors and dentists are concerned, and Hannah’s age, they both will be put under anesthesia for the processes. While I am sad that they have to go through the ordeal, and frustrated that it costs so stinkin’ much, I am so VERY grateful that we have the ability to pay for it.
I am thankful for my nieces. We had such fun making homemade milkshakes and watching movies. I love that the cousins can be close and see each other often!
I have much to be thankful for. For that I am grateful.


It hasn’t been a particularly rough day. Or week. My son started preschool and it’s been fun and exciting. We’ve been running errands and doing this and that. No big deal.

Today Hannah had her 2 year well-child check up. She’s growing like a weed and is in the 80-90th percentiles for height and weight. She did have to get two shots which she was not thrilled with at all. Poor girl! She laid down and did everything the doctor told her and getting pricked by needles was the thanks she got! As a responsible parent, I know vaccinations keep our kids healthy, but it sure is hard to watch them in pain, even if it’s just shots.

After that, we grabbed a quick lunch date and then headed to Oak Harbor to pick up some uniform shirts for the hubbs. He’s been asking for these shirts for almost a month now.  And EVERY SINGLE TIME I keep forgetting to pick them up and mail them off.

Hannah is of course sound asleep by the time we pull in the parking lot to get the shirts, so I carry her dead weight (30lbs!) while I pick up the shirts, get her back in the car (still asleep) and instead of driving across town to the post office it dawns on me that there is a post office on base (duh!). So I pack up the care package, tape it up, address it and fill out the required USPS form. I drive over the the post office, get Hannah out (sleeping) and precariously balance the large box and form on my hip and walk to the post office door. I’m stopped by a USPS employee and she informs me that the post office on base closes at 1pm.

It is now 2:45.


Not missing a beat, she climbs out of her mail truck and asks me if it’s addressed to an APO/FP address (the foreign/military addresses). I tell her it is.  She then offers to take it across town since she is on her way to the other post office and would gladly take it for me. I ask her the cost of the box (it’s one of the flat rate boxes) and she says, “13.77.” I had a 5 and 3 ones on me and was planning to use the debit card.

Meanwhile, a screaming jet is flying overhead threatening to wake up sleeping Hannah. The mail lady calmly places her hand on Hannah’s back, calming her and keeping her settled, then says to me:

“Here, why don’t I pay for your postage, and mail you a receipt to your return address? You can mail me a check when you get your receipt.”

I immediately burst into tears. I thanked her profusely. She hugged me and kissed my cheek.

It wasn’t the 13 bucks. The amount was really irrelevant. It was the fact that I had a sleeping baby, looked harried, had been running all over town and the last thing I wanted to do was to drive all the way across town for one more stop. I was humbled and very grateful.

A seemingly small, tangible act of kindness that melted my heart.  She was kind. She cared. And then she acted. Thank you doesn’t cover it.


Another blog I like to read is Finding Joy. She has a beautiful way of getting to the heart of what is important. I love her writing style and am borrowing her format of Friday Faves to highlight the things this week that I am grateful for.

Being outnumbered, two to one

Come play with us, let’s have some fun!

Please swing me the highest!

Thank you Grampa for building it – you are the best!
So thankful for this play set!
Play with me Hannah! Play with me Jake!
Let’s Go!
Taking turns, working it through
Getting along so well, if only for a few….
Grateful for the opportunity to stay home with my kids. I love watching them as they problem solve together.

Little man, growing up so fast

I love you so
I hope you know
how much you are loved
by Daddy and Me
and Hanny
I am grateful for the preschool he will be starting this week. I am filled with joy as he asks everyday if today is “the day” he gets to go to school.
Playful baby girl
Investigating your whole world
Waving to everyone you meet
Can hardly keep you in that grocery seat!
Grateful for her quick smile and ability to make those around her smile too!
Working so hard to keep up
You learn so fast, never slow down
It’s hard to keep your feet on the ground!
I am grateful for her little spirit that can’t wait to catch up to her older brother! She sees him doing it and  just knows she can do it too!


Your ability to make me smile
repeating to me what I’ve told you
having a sad day or two
we lean on each other and we can get through….
I am grateful for my son’s sensitive heart. He observes when I’ve had a bad day and asks me if I’m okay. I assure him I am good – and just like him, I have my moments. 🙂
Funny little songs we sing
and crazy games we play
I love to make up words to say
and hear you sing them the same way!
After bath time, I am grateful that the kids are old enough to participate (and actually help) with “clean up time”. I usually sing a silly song as we do it and it makes me smile when i hear Jake sing it back and attempt to teach the words to Hannah!
I love you little ones
Thank you for this playful summer
Of learning, growing and loving each other
A couple more seasons to get through and then
Our little family will be whole again….


As hard as a deployment can be, I am so grateful for our little family. We have much to be thankful for and I am truly blessed.
What are you grateful for this week?

I should also add that I am grateful for no visiting “friends” of the eight-legged variety since I sprayed the house!!!

God, Trails, and a Surprise

With two sick kiddos we’ve been a bit stir crazy staring at the same four walls all morning. We also were all awake around 4:30am…so lunch and nap time came around 10. What to do, what to do with the rest of the day?

We decided to head out to Washington Park again, but this time the kids were riding in the Bob and I was going to run the 3 mile loop road that runs around the camp sites. I haven’t yet run the entire thing since moving back. I remember it taking about 45 minutes to an hour to walk it when we lived here before so I was curious to see how fast I could do it now that I would be running (most of) it.

Let me just say that pushing 70lbs of kidlets in the stroller up those hills was no joke. At the steepest inclines I was essentially bent at the waist with my arms straight out by my ears pushing the stroller in a pseudo “superman” pose! I’m sure it looked ridiculous, but it worked! I got the loop done in 30:13 with a pace of 12:43. I always thought and the markers along the way indicate a 3 mile trek, but my GPS had it down as 2.31 or something. Hmm…..

Essentially I was doing intervals – sprinting as fast as I could and walking up the inclines. Here’s what one of them looked like over the top of Bob:

This really doesn’t do it justice – but take it from me – its a serious climb!
And some of the amazing views looking over the San Juan Islands
Running and wringing myself out after a stir-crazy morning, I felt great! After putting the stroller back in the car, we made our way down to the beach and playground area. Since it was the weekend, there were families grilling and picnics at every available table.  Acutely aware of Eric’s absence, I felt the familiar stab of “lonely in a crowd”. Happy voices all around, smiles, laughter and the wonderful smells of grilling foods were all around us. The kids played a bit, then we decided to check out some of the little trails that run along the loop road. Jake likes to pretend we are pirates!
Jacob leads the way!!! “Yo, ho, ho! Matey!”
Yep – it’s a big one! (And sadly this little phone camera doesn’t do any of this scenery justice! Gonna have to get out here with my REAL camera!)

After a while we came out into a clearing that overlooks the water. (One of many.) It’s been a cool day out, so the air is nice and crisp. I am currently reading Wild, by Cheryl Strayed. It’s about her journey hiking the Pacific Crest Trail that runs from Mexico into Canada. She went on this trek as a sort of therapy after the loss of her mother. Since reading it, I’m finding myself drawn to trails lately as she describes the scenery on her journey. Much of her story is about the physical trials of being on the trail, but the deeper layer is about the spiritual nature and growth of her as a person.

Do you ever have the feeling that God is talking to you? Not audibly of course, but sometimes you just, well, you just know. Some call it our intuition, our conscience, our inner voice. It is alluded to in Cheryl’s book, and like most people, I’ve had experiences that I feel could come from no other place except a higher power. It’s those moments where you feel assured that you aren’t alone, and that God, the universe, does in fact see you. And cares.

In her book Captivating, Staci Eldridge describes a wonderful example of what I am trying to (albeit not as articulately) explain. I’ll briefly recap the story from what I remember of it:
She tells of her husband going through a trial of some kind. He loves the ocean and starfish in particular. After praying about the situation and walking a while on the beach, he comes over a crest and laid out before him are literally THOUSANDS of starfish. EVERY. WHERE. She describes this scene and while going through a trial of her own, prays for a similar experience – to see thousands of starfish like her husband did. She did not see any. Defeated, she walks back to her house but on her way is greeted by breaching whales. She describes that feeling you get when you know its just for you. Someone out there sees you and cares. (Even if it is seemingly a “first world problem”.)

In a sermon I heard years ago, our pastor likened our parenting relationship to that of our relationship to God. As a parent, most of us just want our children to be fulfilled and happy, well adjusted adults. Most parents don’t necessarily think, “Little Johnny can ONLY be happy if he is a mechanic.” (Or a doctor, lawyer, banker, etc.) My point is that it isn’t the specific occupation that a parent hopes for, but rather that the child be fulfilled by whatever profession they choose. And like God, parents “delight” in our children. We marvel awestruck as we watch the world unfold before them, seeing it through their eyes. How much more does God love us? Delight in us? Want to make us laugh? See us joyful? My guess is more than we can ever imagine.

While this may seem a little “twilight zone-y” for some or “whoo-hooey fluff” or “Oprah-y and new-age-y”, (Yes, those are all words!) I had such an experience today walking with my kids in the trails. The past couple of weeks have been a bit of a roller coaster ride with the tragic loss of 3 of Eric’s family members and the deployment in general. Feeling a tad melancholy while amongst the families grilling, enjoying the last tidbits of summer we have left, I was comforted by the woods, the wildlife and the beauty all around me.

Most people that know me are familiar (if not tired of hearing about) my fitness journey. And of course it’s so much more than just physical fitness. I have a fondness for butterflies, and specifically the change they represent. (Even have a tattoo of one!) I feel like I have gone through, and continue to go through, a metamorphosis of sorts.

So coming into a clearing – I see this:

And it’s not just fluttering by. It’s literally hanging out with me and my kids while we all just kind of stand there in awe. If you know my kids – under normal circumstances their raucousness and sheer volume will scare away creatures of all kinds.
Not today.
Then – it landed on me.
And stayed…..
And flitted around and stayed some more….
I’m laughing because I have never seen a butterfly sit and hover in front of a person, land, hover some more and then land again. Long enough for me to fiddle with the phone to take these pictures!
Despite all the “stuff” going on, I am continually amazed that I am seen. Cared for.
Delighted in.

More Deployment Positives

As I am getting along and finding my groove with the kiddos, I keep thinking of the positives of deployment and more and more are cropping up. I love how no matter what a person looks for – they will find it. If I am looking for the positives or the negatives of a situation – I will find it. It really is about direction of focus.

So here are my additions to the positives of a deployment:

Military movies! 

I love a good military movie whether Eric is home or not. I love to ask him all kinds of questions about the authenticity of the uniforms, the filming locations, etc. He laughs and usually rolls his eyes reminding me that it’s Hollywood, and not real but I still think it’s fun. Military movies help me to feel closer to him when he’s far away. My favorites include:

Top Gun (Hello beach volleyball scene?!)
Men of Honor (Cuba Gooding Jr. and Robert DeNiro – need I say more?)
Pearl Harbor – Total chick flick, and I dig it! Plus having lived there, it’s fun to see our stomping grounds!
Officer and a Gentleman – An oldie but a goodie. I also like that it was filmed in the pacific northwest!
Antoine Fisher – Kind of a sad/dark movie, but anything with Denzel Washington in khakis is alright by me!

Random Back Burner Projects Get Attention

Little projects and things I like to do that I rarely have time for now can get done. Such hobbies/tasks include scrap booking, keeping up with the kids’ baby books, reorganizing the files (I love my label maker and rarely get any quality time with it!), reading, deep cleaning (I seriously need a 12 step program), blogging, writing, and trying out adventurous recipes!

Reading Books!!

I LOVE to read (as well as write!) and my Kindle makes it so convenient especially when I usually read in bed before I fall asleep. I’m currently reading The Black Stallion. I’ve never read it. It’s quite good so far. Some of my other recent reads include:

Three Weeks With My Brother by Nicholas Sparks. Seriously anything by this author is sure to elicit a sob fest!
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I had to jump on the bandwagon and see what all the fuss was about. Very interesting, an original storyline if a bit on the dark side.
Born To Run by Christopher Mcdougall. A must read for all runners!
Poisoned: The True Story of the Deadly E. Coli Outbreak That Changed the Way Americans Eat by Jeff Benedict. So amazing! Also interesting because this outbreak was HUGE in the pacific northwest at the time it occurred. I also love anything on this subject by Eric Schlosser and Michael Pollan. Also check out Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle. I read this in high school and it forever changed the way I look at food and I credit it with starting this journey with food and how to eat healthier.
Bossypants by Tina Fey. Just good brain candy!
The Shack by William P Young LOVE LOVE LOVED reading this book! I cannot tell you anything about it because it would give away some of the plot – just a must read!

Sappy Music

I love a good cornball song as much as the next person. (Okay, maybe a bit MORE!) And when Eric is away, I do really love the songs with a patriotic twist. Here are some of my standbys to belt out in the car:
Adele – Anything she does is amazing!
Martina McBride – Anyway, Independence Day
Travis Tritt – Anymore
Brad Paisley – Remind Me
Toby Keith – American Soldier
Reba/Faith Hill – Sleeping with the Telephone (SOB FEST!)
John Michael Montgomery – Letters From War
Mariah Carey – Hero

New Friends

I’m always proud when people stop Eric and thank him for his service, and I’ve even been thanked too (totally made me cry!) but I love the little gestures and kind words my neighbors have offered. More than a few have offered to lend a hand if we need it. I love that!

We were even invited over for dinner the other night by a neighbor! The old me would have probably just stuck close to home and politely declined or made an excuse not to go out of fear, having to be social – what if they don’t like me? Ugh. All of those insecurities.

Since I am no longer the old me – I went.

And had a blast! This neighbor also invited another friend and her 3 daughters. It was so much fun getting to know these two ladies and then the opportunity to share this past year’s fitness journey presented itself. It was amazing as I watched their eyes fill with tears as I spoke – I realized that this whole process for me was about more than just miles and marathons and pounds lost. It has been about getting comfortable (and liking) who I am as a person, in my own skin. And then come to find out, one of these ladies has also done triathlons!! (Which is my goal for next year!) Oh – and she knows my sister! What a small world – and so cool how the evening unfolded.

And I would have missed out on all of this had I been too afraid to step out of my comfort zone. While I am so thankful for my physical strength, my smaller size and the “fun” side of losing weight – I am SO much more grateful for the things the fitness “vehicle” has brought me to: cherished friendships, amazing experiences, testing my mental and physical limits (and SUCCEEDING!) and a loss of FEAR.

And that brings me back to this whole deployment stuff….I will not be afraid. There are just far too many positives to waste any time being afraid.

Bring it!

Positives of a deployment…

With deployment looming in the not-so-distant future, I was thinking yesterday about some of the things I actually look forward to during a deployment.

Things like mowing the lawn.
Yep. I actually LOVE mowing the lawn. There is something so gratifying about seeing those freshly made tracks on the grass, the smell of it mixed with gasoline (gross, I know – but I like it!) and doing something physical, getting a little sweaty and being outside! The other added bonus is that my kids see a strong mom that can handle so-called “man jobs”.

On the tail of the “man jobs”, I find self reliance extremely gratifying. I know that every time I look back at deployments, losing weight, running marathons or any difficult challenges – I am so proud of myself for sticking it out and getting through it.

Other Stuff To Do….
The kids will also learn that while we miss Daddy terribly while he is gone – we can talk about our feelings, cry, get mad – feel our feelings, whatever they may be. And while we are feeling those emotions, still have things to look forward to. Like preschool, play dates and potty training!! (Hannah, not Jake 😉 By the time he returns we will be a diaper-free household!! Hallelujah!!
We are also planting a garden so there will be all kinds of fun with harvesting come this fall! And we’ll (hopefully) get to carve a pumpkin that we grew for Halloween! So fun!

Being “queen of the castle”.
Of course we will be able to make any big decisions together via email or occasional phone calls, but for the “littles”- the daily little decisions, there is no one else I have to check in with. The kids and I can do our own thing when, and if, we want. Or not. 😉

Being over the “everyone’s-crabby-we-know-it’s-coming-pick-a-fight-phase”
Before our first deployment and newly married some 11 years ago, we attended a pre-deployment briefing led by a chaplain. He talked about the emotional stages of deployment, things to be aware of, things to say/not say, etc.  One thing he discussed was this phase about 2-4 weeks before a deployment, most couples will start to emotionally separate, knowing that the deployment is imminent. We would pick fights over silly things, be extra sensitive, etc. I laughed. Surely I am (ahem) mature enough to not act like such a child (she says with her nose in the air).
I was so wrong. It happened and still happens. Every. Single. Deployment. Luckily, we can laugh about it, even as we are in the midst of it, knowing it’s just this yucky phase, and that it will pass. And both of us are looking forward to it being over!

Whew! It’s amazing how one less person makes WAY less laundry! Not that I mind doing laundry (I mean really…. throwing it into a machine is pretty hard, right?!) but it is significantly less clothing to fold and put away. And of course with two kiddos – I have enough already! HA!

I’ve often said this isn’t the life for everyone. I think it takes special commitment and dedication to making the best of a separation. (I have to laugh when I watch shows like The Biggest Loser and they get all freaked out from being away from their spouses for a few weeks!) There is truth to the statement that “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Deployments aren’t easy.  In fact, I’m finding that the longer we are married, the harder they become, for various reasons. I love my hubbs. And I love looking forward to homecoming!!!

New PR!

As always, I do my best thinking while running and had a million thoughts and ideas for this post and now I’m ready to jot it all out and can’t remember half of them!!

Here is what I DO remember:

1. I ran my 3rd half marathon today. While I still struggle to get (and stay in) single digit paces (that elusive land where REAL runners hang!) I will now call myself a REAL runner. I just ran my THIRD half marathon. I have two legs. I run. I am a runner. Regardless of what the clock says. (I may have to repeat that to myself a few times!)

2. My race number today was 2011. The significance of this number was not lost on me. There is no doubt that the year 2011 was the year that my life changed. Other than marriage and birth – in 2011 I changed my life, for the rest of my life. I lost the excess weight and gained so much more. I gained treasured friendships, gained more strength than I knew I had, and gained a clearer picture of who I am, what I want, and who I want to become. 2011 is one of my favorites. (My race number for the xterra half was 666. :/ Ha! I wonder what that says!? 😉

3. I improved. I like to set aggressive goals. I really want to be able to run a half in 2 hours. I will get there. Even though I told myself (and Facebook!) that I was aiming for 2:00-2:15, I STILL shaved time! My first was at 2:40. I ran today’s race at 2:21!!! That’s 21 minutes. Yeah – I’ll take that!

4. With roughly 25 lbs gone since the last half – my form has also improved. This makes running easier, less injuries, and quicker recoveries!

5. I love the running community!! There just isn’t anything like it! There is competition, sure, but mostly it’s with ourselves. We are all trying to improve. And when you surround yourself with these kinds of people, it’s easier to succeed.

6. Music is key for me. I put it on shuffle and somehow just the right song comes up just when I need it! Katy – I felt you with me as Mumford played, as always!! 😉 Jaye – totally thought of you as “Moves Like Jagger” came on! Jayde: you were right there for “Ali in the Jungle”! “Everybody gets knocked down… But how quick are you gonna get up?!!” I love that!! Nina – I now think of you whenever “The River” plays! You taught me to take in the scenery and enjoy the run!! And of course Christina was there yelling at me (nicely, of course!) “Don’t quit at the end!! Why would you quit when there is only 4 miles left! It’s ONLY 13 miles. It’s only HALF crazy!”

7. It’s ONLY a half. Screw that! It’s a half MARATHON! It’s not an easy thing. Only and marathon do not belong in the same sentence!!

The Whidbey Island half marathon was spectacular!! There really isn’t anything better than getting to know a place with a pair of running shoes! As a post on Pinterest says, “There may come a day when I can no longer do this. Today is NOT that day.”

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